What Are The Best Smart Tvs in 2018?

The new Smart TVs, which combine excellent television screens with high technology and Internet access, have revolutionized the way we watch television. Now we can access more content, better quality images and a wide range of digital platforms with the same ease with which we saw conventional television. This is what we have, for example, the best Smart TV of the moment, the Samsung UE40KU6100 model. This spectacular television has modern 4K technology that offers the best resolution of the moment, accompanied by a very interesting curved format and in which browsing or viewing any content is a unique sensation. If you prefer the traditional format, the LG 43LH590V Smart TV offers you 43 inches of screen with a Full HD resolution and one of the best rated Smart TV systems in the market so that accessing the content you want is really simple.

What is the best smart TV on the market?

The television in our homes has played a very important role over the last decades, nowadays, with the great diffusion of the internet and the possibility of enjoying content on demand, the role of the same has changed.

This guide to buy the best Smart TV allows you to pay attention to those really important details when choosing as well as to avoid getting lost in hundreds of technical details that probably mean nothing to us.

Learning to choose which Smart TV is better

When you make a comparison of Smart Televisors or Smart TV do not forget to consider the following aspects:


Within Smart TV there is a wide range of possibilities, from those that cost a couple of hundred euros to some that cost thousands so saying how much a good Smart TV costs is complicated because you should look for the best within your means.

Not all smart TVs offer the same functionalities, some for example besides being Smart TV are 4k, while others are 3D.


The matter of choosing the size is a matter of preference, obviously the larger the screen size, the better you can see the different contents that you can access via the Internet on your TV: movies, videos, music and even browse pages web of any kind.

Choose the size according to the dimensions of the room where you are going to place the television.

Internet connectivity

In order to really take advantage of a Smart TV we must have the possibility to connect our television to the internet. It is important to be able to connect at a speed of at least 6 Mbps so that the images are seen fluently and good quality.

Most Smart televisions include two ways to connect to the Internet: the first through an Ethernet-type port, also called a LAN connection. In this way the television is connected to a router by means of an Ethernet cable. This type of connection is more stable so if you are going to use a lot of smart TV to watch videos and movies it is probably the best option for there to be no cuts, however, this type of connection has the disadvantage that the router has to be close to the TV or you will have to use a very long cable.

The second way is to achieve the connection via Wi-Fi, this is that we connect to the Internet through the wireless signal of a router. If your budget does not allow you to buy a smart TV with the ability to connect wirelessly, you can purchase an adapter for this purpose later.

Smart TV navigation

To navigate on a Smart TV you can do it using the remote control or using a keyboard similar to the one used for a computer or tablet. So before buying a particular model it is important that you know what interface is used by that manufacturer to access the internet, browse, select, etc and the possibilities that together with the command offers you.

It is also important that you find out if this manufacturer has any application that you can install on your mobile to control the Smart TV. This can be very useful to control the TV, since you will have access to a conventional keyboard from which you can write more easily than if you had to do it from the remote control. In addition, this application is also useful to maintain control if the command fails or goes astray.


Almost all Smart TVs include DLNA technology, the acronym of its name in English “Digital Living Alliance Network”, with which you can create networks to share content. It is important that your Smart TV has this character if you are interested in being able to enjoy on your TV contents of your computer or your mobile.

Complementary and / or compatible applications

Each brand will offer you different own or third party applications that can be used in your Smart TV, within which you will find all kinds of resources such as games, videos, educational applications, lifestyle, etc. Of course, how important these applications are to you will depend on your tastes and needs. There is also a growing interest in smart TV brands to integrate social networks as part of television as a center of personal and family entertainment.

Apart from these features, a Smart TV can have 4k or only have HD, it may or may not have 3D, it may have a higher or lower image refresh rate, all these characteristics will definitely influence the price of it, but in what refers to your ability to connect to the internet the most important thing is to have a fast and stable Internet connection and that the way to use it is as simple as possible.

What is the best Smart TV of 2017?

Nowadays, the great diffusion of the internet and the fact that every time we carry out online activities make it important to have a Smart TV. How to know how to buy the best Smart TV?

Next, we will show you some options and we will indicate the reasons why they are among the best Smart TV of 2017.

Samsung UE40KU6100

Main advantage:

Watching TV with this team from the Samsung brand will be a great visual experience, since it has a 4K UHD resolution so its colors are sharper and the images much more realistic, which will allow you to enjoy more of each of the videos , movies and video games that you transmit on this curved TV.

Main disadvantage:

Some users have commented that the only detail that this screen has is that it can not be used to play 3D content; However, they claim that it is a computer with a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 p, thanks to which users consider it as one of the best televisions currently offered in the market.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

The images will be more real thanks to the ability of this television to broadcast them with four times more definition; also so you do not miss a single detail each of the scenes are much brighter thanks to this model has HDR technology.


Image quality

This equipment has been specially designed so that you can fully enjoy each of the contents you observe, since it has a good resolution and high definition which allows each image to look much more real.

Because when watching television the main thing is to be able to appreciate each one of the details present in the images the resolution of the screen of this model of the Samsung brand is 3840 x 2160 pixels, the image quality is four times Full HD since it is UHD 4K, aspects that help make everything look much sharper. But, also this model has HDR technology that allows them to be visible to the smallest details, even in the brightest areas of the TV.

In addition to this, the team has been manufactured with PurColor technology, which is what gives the ability to enhance the colors to make each of the images transmitted look much more realistic and clear compared to televisions that have screens conventional It also has a UHD scaling processor and a UHD Dimming system, which allow even low quality videos to be seen in a quality close to the UHD, and optimize the brightness and contrast of the image, so that it is possible to appreciate everything more clearly.

This model offers you an immersive visual experience, when you watch television there are very few things that distract you, this is because its screen is curved so that the eye adapts more to the images that the team is projecting.

This also allows that regardless of the angle you can observe everything from the same distance, which does not happen with flat screen equipment, you will be closer to what you see and as your eyes will always be at a uniform distance all the time the visual fatigue will be less.

LG 43LH590V

Televisions with an Internet connection have become the new centers of digital leisure and entertainment for the home. It is no longer necessary to have a computer to move around the network, watch Youtube videos or access modern streaming content platforms such as Netflix.

Thanks to these modern televisions, all these elements are at your command’s reach, with the highest quality of both image and sound. This is what we find in the LG 43LH590V Smart TV, which with its 43-inch screen and Full HD resolution allows you to see all kinds of content easily.

For this the TV incorporates the Web OS system, which includes a browser and the possibility of installing native applications for Youtube and other digital platforms, which you can access very easily from the remote control itself.

All this in a set very easy to use and with which you can also record your favorite programs to watch later or to also play content from a mobile or tablet using the different systems that LG offers for it.


  • Screen size: Its 43-inch screen with Full HD resolution helps you to see everything you want with the highest image quality, as well as optimal resolution and content definition.
  • Navigation system: The Web OS navigation system is one of the most valued for its simplicity, being able to download native apps for the most common online TV platforms on the market.
  • Connectivity: The TV has Wifi and cable connectivity to access the network, also having various HDMI and conventional video and audio to connect almost everything.
  • Recorder: The player recorder system allows you to watch any movie in conventional format directly on the TV, while recording programs by simply adding an external hard drive or similar item.


  • Screen brightness: In extreme light conditions, either by excess or by default, the quality of image display may be somewhat deficient, especially if the source also suffers from that problem.

Hisense H32M2600

Although we often think about it, a good Smart TV is not something that we have to spend too much on, nor in what we have to have a large screen that prevents us from placing it in more specific places in the house. In fact, the good thing about the growing offer of Smart TVs is just that: that we have everything to choose from so that we can bet on the model with the most adjusted screen to what we want to have, without neglecting the quality of the product.

This is what, for example, the Hisense H32M2600 32 “model shows us. In this case, we are talking about a 32-inch TV with such a variety of functions that it is considered one of the best Smart TV on the market due to the price-quality ratio as indicated by the users.

Its LED display system with Full HD resolution offers optimal video image quality, while its quad-core system allows you to quickly move all types of applications and content, either through the network or directly through its USB port.


  • Resolution: The product has a Full HD resolution on an LED system that guarantees a high image quality at all times, both for local content and for network content.
  • Recorder function: The product incorporates a recorder-based player function. its USB port that allows us to record our favorite programs and be able to watch movies and videos in almost any format.
  • Smart System: The Smart TV system has a high efficiency, thanks to its four processors, to which are added native applications for sites such as Netflix or Youtube, which improve performance.
  • VESA installation: Even with its size of 32 inches, the product is fully compatible with the VESA installation, so you can hang it on the wall without any problem.


  • Background: Although the product has a compact design, the truth is that its bottom is somewhat more bulky than other models, although it does not affect its installation, either on the wall or in support.

Philips 55PUH6400

Philips 6000 series 55PUH6400 This brand has become one of the most important in terms of smart TVs and this model of the 6000 series is an example of this. It has a large 55-inch screen where you can enjoy all the content you want whether on television or from DVD or Blu-ray players.

The Philips 55PUH6400 is a television with advanced technologies that provide exceptional performance. Supports and reproduces content correctly in 4K resolution, uses Android operating system and can connect wirelessly through WiFi.

The more than 8 million pixels offered by the flat screen offers a quality far superior to that of a conventional Full HD. It is a new visual experience, and can even improve the visual quality of the deficient files.

If you are looking for realistic images, the Philips 55PUH6400 may be your best option, but let’s see what are its main points in favor.


  • Processor: This TV has a built-in dual-core processor, which allows you to be faster and perform tasks more agile, especially if you are surfing the Internet. Dual Core combined with Android create a futuristic TV.
  • Connectivity: Although the most relevant thing can be the wireless connection via WiFi, this TV also offers HDMI connectors and video input YPbPr / YCbCr, so that the colors and shapes are of the highest quality . You can also connect it to your Smartphone to play music, video and photographs.
  • Screen: This TV has an Ultra High Definition LED screen but also has Natural Motion to improve the movement of the images when you watch movies. It offers an extraordinary contrast that brings realism to the image thanks to its light sensor.
  • Design: It is manufactured internally to be very thin and light, and outside to provide elegance to any place where it is installed. It has a thin frame and its pedestal base not only has a sophisticated appearance, but it allows you to rotate the TV to adapt it to any angle of view

Samsung UE22H5610

Samsung Ue22h5610 Purchasing a television for the home should always be a carefully taken decision. With all available systems, facilities and different interfaces, you can find a model specially designed for your needs. If you are one of those who like to enjoy the latest advances and the best online content, a Smart TV may be the best option for you.

In this space we present Samsung model UE22H5610, a TV with built-in Smart TV that you can not miss. The UE22H5610 is an ideal option to be installed in kitchens or rooms since its screen is 22 “.

However, do not be fooled by its size since this TV occupies a screen with LED technology for faithful reproduction of color and nuances. In addition, the incorporation of the Smart TV interface will allow you to access the best applications for the reproduction of content and other benefits of the internet at home.


  • Technology: As expected, one of the main benefits of Samsung’s EU22H5610 is that it has Smart TV technology to allow you to access the internet to browse leisure or to play content directly online.
  • Pulgadas: It is a compact model since its screen is only 22 “but more than enough to complement the entertainment in the room or the kitchen.
  • Resolution: And in addition, despite being 22″, the EU22H5610 has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so that you can enjoy the best movies and series completely in high definition.


  • Color: You must bear in mind that the chassis of this TV is white so it can be a bit difficult to combine with other sound and video playback equipment.
  • Satellite: It was known that a user indicated that this model does not have tuner of satellite channels so it is a detail that you should take into account if you thought about acquiring for this.

Samsung UE22H5600

2This is a smart TV, you are able to learn your viewing habits to recognize the channels and types of programs you like and make appropriate recommendations.

If you really value the quality of the image, this Smart TV will allow you to enjoy Full HD 1080p quality that is characterized by realism, so much that you will feel immersed in the action.

Its quad-core processor gives this TV the ability to multitask, for example you can be watching a program while you download a content to watch later, or you can surf the web while listening to music without one task interrupting the other.

Are you a football fan? Live the games on your Smart TV as if you were in the stadium, your TV will select the most important plays to watch later.

Similarly, if you are in search of the best smart TV for 400 euros, then you should give an opportunity to the Samsung model, UE22H5600, which you will find its pros and cons below, in case you are interested in it:


  • Multifunction: One of the biggest advantages of this model is that not only works as TV, but you can also use it as a monitor for your computer thanks to its connection via HDMI cable, so you can choose between using it as a TV or as computer.
  • Energy Efficiency: Also, when acquiring one of these equipment that consists of dimensions of 52 x 5.2 x 32.4 cm, and a weight of only 3.4 kilograms, it should be noted that it has a class energy certificate A, so the constant use of this TV will not greatly affect your pocket and therefore can be considered an investment as it is one of the cheapest Smart TVs in the market.
  • Conectivity: So, just like the previous model, you can connect with all kinds of devices such as tablets and smartphones thanks to the fact that it has Wi-Fi Integrated, and it is possible to connect to the internet through it.
  • Screen: It offers a great brightness and sharpness, so that it will be possible to see your favorite programs more realistically and all thanks to the fact that it has an HD screen resolution, that is, 1920 x 1080p.


  • Tecnología 3D: Although it is a very complete model, it should be noted that it is not a TV that has 3D technology, being therefore cheaper than other equipment.

How to use a Smart TV

The new generations no longer have to get up from their seat to change the TV channel; Do not press buttons on the remote control either. The digital age has reached the main entertainment center, even to change its name. In Smart TV we no longer only watch movies or the daily programming of the channels, now the contents are almost infinite.

Have an internet connection

This is paramount when you think of a Smart TV. If you do not have access to an internet connection, it’s no good having a high-tech device like this one. These devices have been designed to connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network so you can take full advantage of all its advantages.

We recommend that the connectivity be really good, that is to say that it is capable of processing a good amount of bytes per second so you can browse and enjoy the contents you want to see.

Variety of interfaces

In this type of devices you can watch traditional TV or use the variety of interfaces available to connect to other equipment; for example, Blu ray, pendrives, game consoles, among others. The navigation is very intuitive, so your experience will be very pleasant and you can enjoy all the entertainment offered by Smart TV.

Connect to the internet

Being able to connect to the internet is the biggest advantage offered by a Smart TV, since you can access browsers and expand the variety of content offered by this tool. When you use it for the first time, you must make the connection settings of the TV to your network, then the device will do it automatically every time you turn it on.

Connect to the websites of online channels that offer exclusive content. The programming that you will see will be infinite when you connect to the internet, so you can see the genres of your preference in movies, series, sports, musicals and much more.

Social networks also on TV

Smart TVs increase interactivity at astronomical levels. With its interfaces you can also connect directly with your social network accounts so you can comment and share what you are seeing in real time. Interact with other users and exchange opinions.

Install the applications you need

If you are fans of the applications, you will not only be able to have them on your Smartphone, but also on your TV so you do not miss anything of what happens in games, social media, weather information and more. You can even use Skype on your Smart TV to communicate with whoever you want, whenever you want.

Total control

Now you can control your Smart TV through voice commands and gestures, so forget about the remote control, this only applies to some computers. If you want to change the channel, indicate it to the TV with your own voice and, automatically, you will have the content you want to see. And for internet browsing, just stand in front of the TV and move your hands to slide the windows as you want.

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