Top 10 Best Activity Tracker In 2017

In case you are looking to lead a happy life then it is essential to maintain your physical and mental health in proper way. Fitness is not only indicates the physical fitness but also you should stay mentally fit. Exercise is playing a vital role in leading happy life but it is important to track the people blood pressure, health and heartbeat. There are numerous activity tracker available and people must carefully choose the best one.

A good tracker can maintain the record of your health status, blood pressure and heartbeat. Actually top 10 activity trackers are listed below which is sufficient to know about your health status.

1. Shonco I5 plus bluetooth

In fact Shonco I5 notified the numbers of steps you run and it is also helpful to know about the heartbeat rate while you are running. This tracker remains the record of people sleeping time and it has more numbers of the features. Bluetooth feature allows the people to connect with their smartphone. Once you are installing the zeroner health application at your smartphone then people might easily access numerous numbers of the sports modes like pushups, tennis, walking and climbing.

2. WFCL heart rate monitor watch

Whether you are looking to properly designed activity tracker then WFCL fitness tracker is the best choice because it is having pixel clear display. It made with the premium quality of silicone TPU material and it helps to offer up to date information with Calendar, Email, caller id and other applications. This watch monitor the heart rate and maximum heart rate was 220 minutes which could vary according to your age.

3. Garmin vivosmart HR plus standard GPS activity tracker

In fact vivosmart HR comes with the excellent tracker which is sufficient to track people calories, walking steps, high blood pressure and heartbeat rate. This kind of the tracker has capability to automatically track your running, biking, swimming and training, It monitor your heart rate at 24/7 so that people can know about their heart beat rate while sleeping. The rubber design allows people to feel comfortable and it designed with the smart technology so that records all messages and calls. It is capable of paired with the iOS and android via bluetooth.

4. Pedometer bluetooth sports bracelet activity waterproof tracker

This tracker comes with the moving screen display and it is having capable of keeping notified heartbeat rate information. “HPIus watch” application allows the user to track the activity of user with the help of mobile. It is compatible for android and iOS device and OLED display comes with the excellent responsive system. This tracker designed with the IP67 technology so that people can use this tracker in water in safest way. It comes with the heat detection system which is indicating the amount of heat present at your environment.



5. Charge 2 heart rate plus activity tracker

Fitbit charge 2 is one of the best activity trackers and it is also known as the performance and durability activity tracker. Now a day many of the people are willing to buy this tracker because it made with the excellent features. This smart system allows the people to track people pulses, high blood pressure, calories and heartbeat. It has amazing vibrating system which keeps the user notified from mobile notifications. It consists of beautiful and clear OLED display so that users can see their text, call and calendar notifications. It has GPS connectivity which helps to carry on the record of location people are running and walking.



6. Vivosmart HR activity tracker regular fit

Actually Garmen activity trackers help out to track the heart rate and it provided the exact and accurate calories burned during walking and running. With the help of this tracker, people can maintain the record of exercise performance. LED display allows the users to see the calories, heart rate, floors climbed and intensity minutes. This tracker is available in blue color so it could be the ideal choice for both men and women. It comes under your budget and it has huge numbers of the features.


7. Blaze smart activity tracker

Fitbit blaze activity tracker is the unique watch and it consists of huge numbers of the features. This watch is quiet similar to the normal watch and it assists to track the users to know about the heartbeat rate while exercising. In fact it is the multisport tracking system so that keeps record of people training previous activities. People can also follow step by step manual guide which is sufficient to perform each task in effective way.

8. Alta fitness tracker

Basically Fitbit Alta is the cost effective fitness tracker and it remains the record of distance, steps and calories burned during exercise. It is the unique tracker which is suitable for your personal style. People can also always stay motivated in all day activities and sleep tracker allows people to track their health even while you are sleeping. This product works for both men and women. It is the best tracker and it could come under your budget.


9. Garmin vivofit fitness activity tracker

Vivofit activity tracker is the best ideal choice to people because it could come under your budget and it capable of displaying the step count, move reminder, goal tracker and distance. It has water resistance design which allows the users to stay your tracker in water. It contains long lasting battery and it supports both iOS and android. It offers up to date information about your physical health and it is motivating the people with some useful tips.

10. Charge HR wireless activity wristband

It is the best uniqueness and style of the tracker and it useful to track heartbeat and calories burned during the exercise. OLED display is allowing the people to track their numerous numbers of activities like floors climbed, distance, heartbeat rate and record of your health. This tracker is coming with the cost effective price so that anyone can buy this activity tracker in online.

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