Tips and Hints for Buying Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual reality glasses are something already very present in the technology sector, although they still lack to take the definitive step to make them part of our lives.

Although this is not something that we invented yesterday, but has been searching with the means available at any time to get the best results.

As early as the middle of the twentieth century we began to take the first steps in augmented reality with several mechanical devices among which was highlighted the sensorama, which, thanks to the 3-dimensional images projected together with a system simulated the wind and smell that Corresponded to the projected scene, a great sensation of immersion was obtained.

But here we were always talking about great machines, which evolved to achieve really spectacular immersion effects with the IMAX Cinemas that appeared in the 80’s, and that with the digital era have been evolving little by little.

It was not until 2013, with the current technological explosion and the widespread use of smartphones, thanks to its high-resolution displays and the multitude of sensors that detect position and inclination, it was possible to make a prototype with an affordable price Which has revolutionized the landscape of virtual reality. This device is none other than the Oculus Rift.

His design perfectly exploited the stereoscopic effect, which is what makes people have a single image in our brain by merging the two images captured by our eyes.

Thanks to the two built-in optics, located at a preset distance from the screen, they make the sensation that the screen almost completely occupy our field of vision. This, together with the integrated gyroscope, finally causes the image to be accompanied by movement and the sensation of immersion obtained is total.

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In this way, and with the basic principles already established, it was quite simple to adapt this operation with our smartphones, since all that was needed was the support and the optics. And this year has been a real explosion of different media that are compatible with phones of different sizes, and at really affordable prices.

It has reached the point that Google has launched this year its own model, Cardboard, made in cardboard and folding, giving it an appearance of homemade virtual reality glasses, and as a result also appeared numerous replicas.

You should keep in mind that your phone has a built-in gyroscope. You can check it in a simple way by watching some 360 ​​video on Youtube. The easiest way to check it outIf you are interested in acquiring some, there are a number of elements that you should pay attention to when choosing the best virtual reality glasses.

Buying tips

It may sound obvious, but you have to be careful with certain phones, because sometimes the references used by the augmented reality displays when it comes to indicating the screen size compatible with the device correspond to a standard that the manufacturer considers, And which is sometimes larger or smaller than the maximum or minimum respectively.

This is why you have to be careful, since glasses can indicate that they support phones up to 5.5 inches, and some model with that size of screen does not enter the compartment to accommodate it because it is too large.

Make them comfortable

If you can not stand for a minute with the glasses on, or you end up with marks on the face, maybe you have not chosen well. Not everyone has the same face shape, and some can adapt better than others. Ideally always try them, but if you can not, it should be noted that the bridge for the nose is broad, the straps should be adjustable and made in a soft and elastic material, trying to avoid rigid elements like plastic parts. The part of the glasses of augmented reality in contact with our face should have a pad preferably, or at least a plastic with some elasticity.

If you need to wear the glasses, make sure they allow you to put on the visor properly. The narrower these are, the easier it is that they present no problem when using them.

It is not decisive, but the weight will also help. The lighter the better, as they should allow free movement of the head without this entailing an effort.


Since these displays support phones of different formats, the distance from the optics to the screen can not be the same for a 4-inch screen as for a 6-inch screen. It is therefore essential that the optics can be adjusted both in aperture and in depth . In addition, to improve the experience, the lenses themselves must have a quality, and must be of glass, to have a good transparency.

It is important to test them since the lenses usually admit a certain degree of sight. If you have a myopia or astigmatism above 1.5 you will need the use of your glasses.

The most convenient is to have a phone that fits as much as possible to the maximum screen size supported by the glasses, as this will give us the best stereoscopic effect possible. Although the product itself says that it is compatible with 3.5 or 4 inch phones, it is advisable to use phones at least 5 inches, as lower screens will cause a very narrow field of view, and will reduce us significantly The feeling of immersion.


The details also matter, and things like the absence of burrs, soft finishes, or a good fit are another key factor. The materials must offer the necessary robustness, without having the impression that they can be broken at any moment.

These are the 4 main factors you should keep in mind when choosing a VR glasses for Smartphones. Something that in theory does not affect, but that is also determinant, are two of the most sensitive characteristics for you: design and price. At the moment the variety is great, but the design in all is very similar, reason why in this sense the question will be of nuances.

The price range of the virtual reality glasses can be wide depending on the model, from the 4 or 5 $ of the cardboard to almost $200 of the Samsung Gear VR, although the vast majority are between 20 and 30 $ , Offering very similar designs and features. Later we will tell you the most recommended models, and the characteristics that make them stand out from the competition.

Alongside this, it should also be noted that many of the VR applications that are currently require a control command to be able to move in different applications and games, so it would be interesting the possibility of a bundle of glasses together with This accessory.

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