Projector – Buying Guide, Reviews in 2018

If you want to buy a good projector, you should know that it is not an easy task. Apart from several technical characteristics, we must also take into account the size, comfort and practicality offered by the chosen model. If you are in a hurry and you can not read our guide, here we provide you with the two models most appreciated and recommended by customers. The most popular projector in the market today is the Epson EB-U05, which has 3400 lumens and Full HD technology, which will allow you to have a 300-inch screen, ideal for enjoying movies, video games and sports events with a definition and a size that you have not lived before from the comfort of your home. If this proposal is not what you are looking for, the BenQ MH680 projector may convince you, since it offers 3000 lumens and is compatible with 3D technology.

What is the best projector on the market?

The possibility of enjoying audiovisual content such as movies, concerts, courses, etc. at the moment that seems to you it has done that every time they are more the homes that choose to acquire a projector.

This guide to buying the best projector will make you understand much of the information that the manufacturers of these products offer about the best projectors on the market. Although it is important to know how much a projector costs, there are definitely more valuable features to consider when choosing.

Shopping guide

When making a comparison of projectors take into consideration the following aspects:

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio shows us the rectangular shape of the image, a normal TV has an aspect ratio of 4: 3 or 4 units of width for every three units of height, an HD TV usually has a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

Today, most televisions and projectors come with 16: 9 aspect ratio. The problem arises when some programs or videos do not have that format.

So being impossible to find a project that allows you to see all formats without problem you must choose which of the two most common prefer.

As for the advantages of 4: 3 if you want the projector to watch movies or series on classic DVDs that have used this format it is the best option, but nowadays you will not have easy to find projectors with this format.

If on the other hand you want to watch HD programs, widescreen DVDs, or Blu-Ray, the choice must be a project with an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

What is the best projector of 2017?

The projectors are multifunctional equipment that complement the entertainment center of any home. Organize your own movie theater in the comfort of your home by purchasing the best projector to watch your favorite movies! Check these models, chosen as the best by consumers and find the one for you:

BenQ MH680

The best video projectors Would you have thought it possible to play 3D movies in your own room? Well this excellent BenQ brand model offers you an incredible experience by being able to play 3D content in high definition at a size of 1143 x 7620 mm. With its 1080 pixel resolution and built-in speakers, you will not need to purchase another projector for many years.

Its USB input, capable of supporting Wi-Fi, allows you to play your multimedia content without resorting to obsolete cables that only hinder the harmony of your home. It also has a remote control to avoid spending time and effort. Its weight of 2.8 kg makes it very easy to transport so you can take your entertainment with you. Undoubtedly, the best projector of 2017.

As far as the best projector of the moment is concerned, the BenQ brand has the ideal model for you, in this case, the MH680 DLP which has been recognized by users as a quality equipment. Find out why by reviewing the positive and negative specifications of this model, below:


  • Resolution: This model has the possibility of viewing images in resolutions of 1600 x 1200 (UXGA), 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080), and 640 x 480 (VGA), with the default image quality being 1920 × 1080, that is, high definition, which is why it is one of the most acclaimed models.
  • 3D Function: The best of all is that it includes the third dimension function, thanks to which you will be able to see your favorite movies in a more realistic, and without wasting one more euro in the cinema! For this reason, it has been listed as the best projector for 700 euros. It becomes an investment for everyone who acquires it.
  • Compatibility: This projector is fully compatible with both the Windows operating system, as well as the iMac, which is why you should not worry about connection problems between your computer and this projector. . In addition, BenQ is recognized as part of the competition for the position to the best brand of projectors thanks to the quality of its equipment.
  • Brightness and projection technology: One of the most important factors when looking for and using a projector is the Its brightness, as well as the projection technology applied to transmit the image and BenQ has hit the spot with both aspects in this model, since it has a brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens. In addition, it is a DLP projector, so everything that has to do with the playback of files will be done optimally.


This video projector is specially designed to provide an incredible home theater experience, to enjoy classic and current movies, since the device has aspect ratios of 4: 3 and 16: 9. In addition, its 1800 lumens are capable of projecting vivid colors and sharp images.

On the other hand, this model generates a projection surface of between 32 to 120 inches, at a distance of 1 to 3 m, so the visualization is complete. In addition, the possibilities of connecting several devices such as desktop computers, laptops, video game consoles and even smartphones and tablets make their use very dynamic.

However, the manufacturer recommends that this projector be used in the home and not in business presentations, so we will analyze in more detail the pros and cons of this product to make sure it is the best option:


  • Aspect ratio: By having aspect ratios 4: 3 and 16: 9, this model is capable of projecting both the common resolution that regular TVs can offer, as well as HD or HD, so, no matter what if you are watching, you can always adapt to the format that the material requires.
  • Connections: This projector is capable of supporting several connections, even USB memories can be used, so the content options that can be enjoyed in it are practically endless.
  • Size: Being one of the smallest projectors, it is easy to transport and place in any space. In this sense, it is easy to achieve the cinema experience anywhere in the house.


  • Brightness: This model barely manages to offer a luminosity of 1800 lumens, which, while it may be enough for the home, is not enough for effective business presentations, which makes it less useful.

Epson V11H570040

Epson V11H570040 One of the best ways to enjoy home theater is through a video projector. These excellent equipment are able to allow you to experience a giant screen from the comfort of your own home and this is why we want you to know one of the best options to acquire among the modern projects of the market when presenting the Epson V11H570040, considered the best manufacturer guaranteed of projection equipment worldwide.

This video equipment has a brightness capacity of 2700 lumes, so you can enjoy a screen without levels of opacity regardless of the light level of the room. It has a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, which will allow you to enjoy an excellent level of sharpness as well as enjoy your content in high definition.

It has an Ethernet port input, which will allow you to connect your device to the local network and enjoy all the benefits that Epson has prepared for you as well as update its interface and operating system.


  • Resolution: The most outstanding advantage of this option is the screen resolution and appearance it has. Offering a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4: 3, you can enjoy all your multimedia content in an incredible way by visualizing the most vivid colors and the sharpest details.
  • Features: Another noteworthy advantage are the different special features that the V11H570040 has, such as having built-in speakers, vertical and horizontal corrections, remote control and its 3LCD reproduction technology, which, together, guarantees you are acquiring an excellent product that In addition, this projector proves to be very practical because it has a series of special entries that will allow you to get the most out of it: its USB input allows you to locate the multimedia content of your preference in a simple external memory and be able to reproduce it without any problem through your projector as well as a VGA input so you can connect your computer or laptop.


  • Lack of connection wifi: The only detail that made in lack the users who have acquired this projector is that it does not have wifi connection, so if you want to access the internet or change the interface, you must do so directly connected to the local network by the port of Ethernet.


Flyshop ES-CCK102138-01

With its three pieces of glass lenses, its ability to reproduce a 100-inch screen, its guaranteed 50,000 hours of life of the bulb in play and its low power consumption make this team one of the best cheap projectors. With its 500 grams of weight, you can take your equipment wherever you want.

It also has the certification of being a protective product of the environment because its energy consumption is minimal and its patented design will not damage your eyes in prolonged visions. It is ideal to play movies, games, images, among many other options, with its high resolution capacity and admission of various formats you can have great fun and all from the comfort of your room or living room!

If you are looking for economy and you want to know which is the cheapest projector, then we will tell you that it is the Flyshop ES-CCK102138-01, it is the cheapest equipment in this list. Below are its positive and negative aspects so that you can judge for yourself.


  • Compatibility: This model supports input under different devices through: HDMI, USB, SD, VGA, and AV, so the number of files that can be played with the projector are endless.
  • Eco-friendly: If you’re interested in saving energy , you will like to know that it is an eco-friendly device and that it has a low consumption LED lamp with a useful life of up to 50,000 hours.Size: Thanks to its measures of 17 x 12.7 x 7.5cm, it is more than clear that it is a very compact model and ideal to travel or take it wherever you like.


  • Resolution: This device has a default resolution of 480 x 320p, and although it is adaptable to 720p resolution, users report that the image quality is quite poor for any type of projection, adding that it includes only 60 lumens, for what the image is opaque. Therefore, this projector is simple and of basic use.
  • Sound: On the other hand, consumers suggest the use of a separate audio player, since the sound quality is zero. Also, the equipment fan can be a bit noisy.

How to use a video projector

Whether during our student’s life or at work, we need to make a presentation to get certain information to the public. For this, video projectors have been designed. Here are some recommendations on how to use a video projector.

Get the best aspect ratio

When it comes to something that we are going to see, in this case an image or video, the quality of the sharpness of them is important. To obtain image quality, the projector must have a ratio of 16: 9, that is, 16 units of width for every 9 units of height. This means that you can adjust it to several formats for a good visualization.

Adjust the lens at different angles

A feature that has been incorporated into some models of video projectors is an adjustable lens. This allows you to move or adjust the image to adapt it to how you want it without having to move the equipment itself from its position. You can move it from top to bottom and from left to right, and direct it to where you need it.

Make the connection correctly

This process is simple. You must start by connecting the D-SUB cable 15 of the IN port of the overhead projector to the computer. Next, insert one of the two cables for power to the projector and, finally, this one to an outlet. Similarly, insert the mouse and keyboard of the computer to the ports provided for it, if required.

Adjust brightness and contrast

Before starting the presentation to the public, make the necessary adjustments to improve the quality of the image. Start by adjusting the brightness, as the overhead projector has a lamp, the excess or, in the other case, the lack of brightness can affect the quality of the images. The contrast is also important that you adjust it so that there is a balance between the light and dark parts of the presentation.

Use the right background

When you are going to make a presentation, you not only need a white background to show the slides, you also need to make an adequate design of these so that the public has a good visualization of the content that you are exposing.

When designing the presentation, make sure that the titles and subtitles, if they are on the same slide, can be differentiated and highlighted more than the rest of the information that you have briefly described in the texts. It is recommended that you put a dark background if you are going to use a clear font color and vice versa. This contrast will make it easier for the audience that has your attention, even the furthest away from the presentation screen, to see the content clearly.

Combine images and texts

When you use a video overhead projector, you must not only provide a lot of content through texts. It is also important that you add images that explain the action of what you are reporting; and if they have movements, much better. This will keep the public interested in your presentation.

The graphics are ideal to present results, do not limit yourself as far as the colors you choose, since the ideal is that they are striking to differentiate some results or percentages from others.

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