GoPro Karma Drone Review

GoPro karma drone is the perfect device to take the amazing images and videos through air and on the ground. It is the second version of GoPro drone product and it is refined version than the first drones launched by the GoPro.

  • The original version of the Karma drone from the brand GoPro was actually released just few days before.
  • Within a minimum number of days from the release, it would get huge numbers of fans and users from the different parts of the world. This is actually the rereleased product of GoPro Karma which features and functions are refined by the experts to provide such a secured battery to this drone item.
  • This newest version of the GoPro Karma drone includes so many numbers of additional features as well.
  • Aside from the battery latch in this product, this drone also includes the several numbers of exclusive features such as the tilted horizon line for the quieter propellers and also improving imaging.

If you already have the Hero 4 then you can buy the camera less version of the GoPro drone where this comes with the Karma Grip and you should spend on the Hero 4 harness to attach the gimbal that comes along with the box. The extra batteries for the droneand a set of the official propellers is faintly ridiculous. If your karma gets damages or crashed while it is flying then you can replace its individual arms and they are very easy to fit which you can do it without any difficulty.

Pros and cons of the GoPro Karma drone

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the GoPro Karma drone they are.


  • The GoPro Karma drone is easy to use
  • The drone can be used for shooting the video even on the air or land
  • The drone has the built in display on the controller
  • The drone itself includes the handheld stabilizer
  • It has the direct control to the GoPro camera which is in the flight and with the stabilizer
  • The stabilizer is compatible with the GoPro accessories.


  • The karma drone does not have the obstacle avoidance
  • It does not have the follow me mode or other smart features which will help you to track
  • Downward positioning sensor is not available
  • The life time of the battery is modest in nature

It is simple to use. Flying a Karma is easy and familiarizing yourself with your controls involves only a few minutes. This simplicity finds its main weapon in the command, a device with the right and necessary buttons to take to fly and to move the quadricóptero that counts on a quite ample touch screen, of good visibility (even with intense sun) and a satisfactory answer, conjugating itself Also with a very intuitive handle interface. This, at the same time, does not mean that it hides a good number of well-implemented functions, such as the positioning of people or the drawing of paths previously established (orbital mode) by the user, to mention just two examples.

Design of the GoPro karma

After the announcement in October 2016 the karma had enjoyed the plenty of thanks from the GoPro’s teaser video and it was the one of portable folding drones that is more solid than the DJI Phantom 4. This drone will perfectly fit in your backpack when the propellers of it are removed but still it is said to be the pretty big and heavy drone when evaluate to the drone of DJI Mavic Pro. Because of this they have recently developed the diddy DJI Spark that fits even in the handbag and also it makes the Karma to look more positively ungainly. There is no ultrasonic structure for the steady hovering near the ground and by using the soundtrack of the buzzing propellers you can replace the sound track in which it has the feature of quiet recording of background noise.

The one nice feature of the GoPro Karma drone design is that the remote control is compact and clamshell design with the built in 5inches screen which means that you no need to use your own tablet or phone with an app. It is a touch screen but as with your phone it is extremely very reflective and protects the screen with the sun shield. In order to download the local maps you can connect your remote with the wifi and download it where the remote will also acts as wifi hotspot through which the other people can also connect their phones for viewing the video and photo from your drone flight by using the “Passenger” application.

Performance of the GOPro Karma drone

Controlling the Karma drone is like controlling any other drone and as with the DJI drones both the sticks are sprung and they return to the centre where this means that taking your hands from the controls will make your Karma to hover and there are also buttons available for auto take off and the landing. Another setting on the remote controller to enable is that sport mode in which this mode removes the speed limiter and let’s your Karma to fly at up to the 35mph which is more than enough. The fact that the Hero 5 sits on the right at the front of the drone says that you are less likely to see the blades of the drone spinning even when you are flying at the forward speed. The following are the four automatic flying modes that are similar to the 3DR solo drone launched in 2015. They are.

  • Dronie
  • Cable cam
  • Reveal
  • Orbit

They are useful to you but when you have the DJI drone with the Tapfly, ActiveTrack and other modes then you will feeling the short changes and at the Auto shot modes you need to concentrate on the camera and the adjustment of the angles and the direction of the Karma flies along with it route.

Specifications of the GoPro Karma

The GOPro karma drone flies to the maximum speed of 35mph which is of 15m/second and the maximum wind resistance covered by the drone is of 22mph which is 10m/second with the operating frequency of 2.4GHz dimensions with opened and no propellers. The dimensions of the Karma drone is 12 * 16.2 * 4.6 in and it is of the folded or transport type whereas the dimensions of the propeller is of 10 inches and its weight is of about 35.5oz ie 1006g. The feature of the GOPro karma is it is versatile in which you can use it for taking the aerial videos and photos and as well as for shooting the stabilized footages on the ground.

It is not a competitor of Phantom 4. The DJI team plays in another league. And the price difference between them is not the result of whim. The list of qualities of one or the other will be decisive to convince different types of buyers who are interested in a gadget as well.

Your battery only lasts 20 minutes. Yes, it is the evil of all the drones and with Karma that was not going to change. The autonomy of the dron allows you to fly the short time indicated, although at least it comes with a spare battery (the Karma Battery) so that this handicap does not cut the roll much when you take it out.

Detailed review about GoPro Karma drone:

 The following are the most important considerations when you are looking at the review of the GoPro Karma refine version of the drone with the high definition camera.

  1. Design – When considering the design of the GoPro Karma drone, it is really built to house the HD camera instead of just the simple drone to fly. Even though the flight performance is fairly good for the automatic shooting modes of this device, it will be little tough to pilot it without the bit of regular practice. The design of this drone is lightened and also quite resilient that keeps it extremely portable at all.
  2. Price – If the buyers are considering the Karma drone without the GoPro camera, it will cost about $ 799. When you are choosing it with the Hero5 GoPro session camera, you have to pay about $ 999. Karma drone with the Hero5 Black GoPro camera will cost about $ 1099.
  3. Battery & flight time – The GoPro Karma battery life is somewhat good with the removable latch which is very helpful to easily change the battery. But it will not give you longer battery life and it will provide only 25 mins on the continuous use. The flight time will be 20 minutes with the wealth of some other intelligent shooting quality and controls. Most of the drone’s flight time will only be 17 minutes but this Karma has 20 minutes in total. This drone actually has 5100 mAh battery and it will take at least an hour to recharge full.
  4. Different modes – In this GoPro Karma drone device, there are basically 4 different modes such as orbit, dronie, reveal, and cable cam. In the orbit mode, the drone device will actually orbit around the fixed subject. In the dronie mode, the users can able to take a selfie as it zooms out away from you. In the reveal mode, this Karma drone will basically fly towards the subject and as well as slowly rotate the camera gimbal up to a horizon. When it comes to the cable cam mode, the users can able to set the two points in the sky and you can also make it fly back & forth between those fixed points again and again.
  5. Flight performance – The drone’s flight performance is actually added the best in this device because there one of four of the automatic camera shoot modes has been placed in. Thus, it will provide you improved flight performance during the shooting time of the images or videos.
  6. Controller – The best thing about this GoPro Karma drone device is that it is creating the wonderful controller. The RC controller is usually small but it will provide you the similar feeling of playing video games with huge numbers of functions. At the same time, you just don’t need to have any other compatible device to make use of this drone. Another extremely best thing about this drone is its camera. No other drone product will provide you such a great levels of high definition camera but it will provide you extraordinary 4K Hero5 black version camera in order to take the outstanding video quality. With this HD camera, you can take incredible images and amazing videos even in the night time.
  7. Build & handling – Even though the main body of the GoPro Karma drone is primarily made up of the light weight plastic, it actually feels studier and tougher than the most quads. In order to get rid of such inconvenience, you just replace the outer parts of this camera for the easy and comfortable use on the regular basis.
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