CrazyHowTo: How to Look Good in Photos

Do you feel tense in front of the camera? Do your lips curl when the flash flickers? Do you always wonder how your friends manage to look so confident in the pictures? Does the camera become your enemy in social events? Why better not use the tricks below that will help you look good in the photos without much effort?

10 Tricks to Look Good in Photos

How to look good in photos

1. Smile

It is said that a smile is like makeup. Add an extra element of glamor to your face making it appear safer, even when it is not. So, no matter what, never miss that cute smile on your face. Smile with all my heart. Wait until you look into the eyes and notice the difference.

2. Maintain eye contact

It is very important to maintain eye contact with the camera lens. Treat the camera as your best ally. Look directly at the lens with confidence. You will know that it worked if your eyes hurt when the flash fires.

3. Have good posture

No matter what happens, do not have bad posture in front of the camera. If you are sitting, sit up straight and if you are standing, stay upright. Maintaining good posture will make you look better. Therefore, when you are in front of the camera, breathe deeply, exhale slowly and keep your back straight.

4. Hide your shortcomings

Nobody has a perfect body. Everyone has some flaw or other. The trick is to hide the flaws and flaunt their good features in front of the camera. So if you have a double chin, raise your chin slightly and tilt your head slightly to the side. Similarly, if you have a pimple on one side of the face, show the other. Simple, is not it?

5. Be careful with makeup

Even the smallest of defects appears clearly on the camera. So, if you are going to wear makeup, make sure it is done with care. Avoid using dark colors and opt for lighter tones.

6. Sit cross-legged

If you are being photographed while sitting, be sure to have your legs crossed. Sitting with carelessly open legs looks bad on camera. But sitting cross-legged makes your legs look thinner. It also looks more elegant and own a lady.

7. Keep arms away from the body.

Did you know that one of the most beautiful parts of your body are your arms? So, instead of leaving your arms hanging loosely on both sides, use them in your favor to make it look more beautiful in front of the camera. One idea would be to place them securely on their hips, to show their confidence.

8. Avoid turning the entire body toward the camera

Have you noticed how the stars pose for the camera? They tend to rotate the lower part of your body sideways, and rotate only the upper body in the direction of the camera. Follow the same rule. Doing this improves your appearance and also makes your body look perfect with curves (even if it is not).

9. Use bright colors

Avoid using dull colors in front of the camera. Instead, use bright colors so they do not blend with the surroundings in the photo.

10. Choose a good background

An inappropriate background can spoil the entire image. On the contrary, a good background can transform your image magically. So, try to use the background to your advantage.

These 10 tricks will not fail to make you look good in photos. So apply them with a broad smile.

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