Bluetooth headphones. Buying Guide, Reviews in 2018

Cable earphones are often tedious, but they are not the only choice on the market. Wireless headphones with bluetooth technology are a great option to enjoy your favorite music and radio programs. To choose a model you have to take into account its design and practicality. As a first choice we have the model Swift Mpow, whose In Ear design, plush in the bottom to cancel the movement and its light weight, make it a very good choice in terms of comfort. It has aptX technology, which allows a quality in HIFI sound and its battery lasts 5 hours. On the other hand, the VicTsing VBT009B-VES is lightweight, comfortable and very practical. Its battery can last about 5 hours and also has Bluetooth 4.1 technology with which it can operate 12 meters away from the transmitter. It is worth mentioning that it works as hands-free and also has aptX technology to improve the sound.

What are the best Bluetooth headphones of 2017?

Being able to listen to your favorite music and programs from your mobile and without cables, is something easy to get thanks to the offer of wireless headphones that exists today. A wide offer, perhaps so much, that sometimes it can lead you to lose yourself. Anyway if you have doubts you can always count on our comparative Bluetooth headphones, with three models selected for their price and quality. And for you to have more information you have some tips that will be useful in your purchase.

The best Bluetooth headphones

As a first tip it is important to bet on a model that has a comfortable and easy to use design. As far as its design is concerned we can find headphones with plush design, either back or neck as traditional, or in ear models that fit directly over the ear. Yes it is true that both models are usually light and comfortable but it is important that you bet on the one that you find more attractive when using it.

It is also important to analyze the quality of the elements and components responsible for sound generation. Although a normal headset will always be heard, the difference between a normal and an excellent sound lies in the components and materials used. Do not forget to bet on models that offer wide frequency ranges, as the sound will tend to be more pure and rich in nuances.

Finally we will talk about the battery. Since they are cordless models it is necessary to include a battery to operate. And obviously the longer the battery lasts, the longer you can use them without recharging. The recharge is usually done using a mini USB cable. If you use another system, check its effectiveness and compatibility.

Recommended Bluetooth headphones

Mpow Swift

Mpow Swift Bluetooth headphones features an extremely lightweight design that combines the In-Ear or Headphone design and a plush set on the bottom of the head so they do not move.

It is a very lightweight design, weighing just 60 grams, making it very comfortable for both home and sports. In fact, thanks to their frequency, you can use them in the gym and have the player or the mobile in the bag without losing a signal.

Its technology based on the aptX codec allows to have a sound quality HIFI with which to enjoy an always excellent sound. And its battery of 6 hours allows to forget for a time of the refills. In addition, it has six pads for a perfect fit and a waterproof design and very resistant to humidity.

With the Mpow Swift model we have at our disposal the best possible Bluetooth headphones of the moment due to the good design features it presents.


Variety: Mpow Swift headphones are offered to the user in a variety of colors to choose from, the same style in black, yellow and green colors.

Autonomy: One of the most important characteristics is the autonomy of the product. For the present article we have that with 2 hours of loading you can get up to 5 hours of uninterrupted playback of content.

Sound quality: We found on the web numerous opinions that claim that the quality of music is quite good, in addition, in the description of the product its developers ensure a high quality stereo sound at a suitable volume.

Popularity: It has a very positive feedback, with hundreds and hundreds of comments online.


Configuration: The only aspect with which some users presents disadvantages is with the subject of the initial configuration of the device, but after establishing the initial connection is quite stable.

VicTsing VBT009B-VES

The VicTsing VBT009B-VES model shares the low headphone and internal headphone design we have already discussed, making it a lightweight and easy-to-use product. Its Bluetooth 4.1 technology allows a range of approximately 12 meters so you do not need to carry the transmitter with you if you are not going to go far.

To offer a better sound quality, this model has the APTX technology that allows to improve the sound quality of both audio and calls. And this model also works as hands-free, so you can use it to talk on the phone quietly.

As for its battery has a capacity of about 5 hours in operation. The best of all is their weight, only 18 grams, one of the most comfortable and reduced on the market, so they are perfect for sports without causing a nuisance.

With this article we have the best possible headphones for 20$ that you can find online.


Compatibility: For this type of products a good compatibility system is quite important; Therefore, one of the good points in this article is its easy connection system with most market smartphones, tablets and other devices that use Bluetooth technology.

Price: The purchase price that makes it one of the cheapest and quality earphones.

Bluetooth: The version of Bluetooth 4.1 system that uses the device is one of the most stable on the market. Since it has a working distance of up to 11.8 meters.

Autonomy: It has a power system based on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which leaves us with headphones whose battery is capable of lasting up to 5 hours in constant operation.


Quality of sound: In this aspect we find comments that miss higher quality of sound in the product. They are good headphones to run, but their sound is somewhat metallic and lacking bass.

TaoTronics TT-BH07

TaoTronics HeadphonesThe main novelty of the TaoTronics TT-BH07 headphones are their magnetized heads. These heads allow you to attach both headphones once you do not use them in a way that will not be wasted or rolled up. Something that also helps to lengthen the life of the cable that unites them and that includes the microphone and the button to be used as hands-free.

All this in an In Ear set with additional external support and the lowest weight of all analyzed: only 14 grams.

To improve the sound quality has a noise reduction system and CVC 6 technology that improves the quality of the audio obtained. As for its battery this offers about 5 hours of operation and around the 175 hours of waiting with a single charge, realized by means of mini USB cable.

TaoTronics headphones have a number of good qualities that can be of value to those looking for quality items in this product category.


Design: The strength of the TaoTronics headphones is its design based on built-in magnets, with which you can place your device around the neck or move without worrying about losing them.

Bluetooth: In this article we have used one of the Bluetooth systems of last generation in its version 4.1, providing us with headsets easy to link with mobile phones, tablets and other compatible technology devices

Autonomy: With an autonomy of 5 hours in conversation or reproduction and up to 175 hours in standby with a single charge; we are before one of the articles of better performance.


Size: The only design point on which we have found criticism is in the size of the product, which some users consider bulky and claim to look somewhat large when placed in the ear.

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