The Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets of 2017

Virtual reality takes the people to many places with the point of technology. It allows the people to travel in a fascinating world with the power of technology. It consists of a headset that uses the motion tracking allows the person using the device to travel around the virtual spacing. The virtual headset has two categories in using them either the mobile or tethering. They are the shells with lenses into which the smart phone is placed. Now the mobile phone is simply transformed into a virtual device. There is no need to connect the device with any external cables and other connections. The best virtual reality show can be obtained by using this headset with PC based systems. They give more effective visual than the mobile phones.

Factors to consider while selecting the VR headset

There is a need to consider certain factors and features before purchasing the headset because it is the material that will be in use during the situation of having fun and joy. They should be chosen to suit all your basic needs and also it should get adapted to the device that you are having.

Reviews of best VR headsets of 2017

The evolution of the virtual reality has changed more and more in the daily life and the Accenture of life. The person who uses the device will enter the virtual world where he could be realizing all the imaginary things that he has actually dreamt of. For all this to happen the selection of the best among the best is necessary and essential. The listed top ten brands have established their quality in many aspects and have ranked as follows.


The oculus rift is one of the amazing products based on the virtual reality. It can offer the users with headsets that are loaded with the sensors to offer the display for each eye. They come with integrated headsets that are very much useful in bringing out the advanced movement detection. For the headset to work properly with all the features running, then the user should have high spec PC to run the Oculus rift well in a full stream manner. The absolute result of using the product will be giving the viewer an amazing visual feel.


This tool also needs a high power PC to run. With this headset, the user could roam around the room to get better experience. They use the IR sensors that will be mounted in the walls and they will be used to trap the movement in the physical space and integrate it with the virtual world. If there is a big space for you to use them, then it will be a very big and interesting tool to be worked on. For the device to integrate with the virtual world there will be additional equipment required to fulfill the watch. Also the HTC Vive is one of the costliest. They are used in mapping within the 3D space and also these devices will provide lots of versatility. They are available at the Amazon.


This device is just lesser in cost when compared to the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive because they are just an accessory that comprises many consoles which make them less expensive. The headset for the tool itself is very lower in cost. But it lacks from lower screen resolution than the other two. This will be the extension of your PS4 because they will trap the head movements and come with a combination of motion controls to give the user a good virtual display. It has several mini games.

They allow a lot of games to be played virtually like the Batman, London Heist, and fantastic battle zone. The Playstation VR removes the barrier to all the existing immersive gaming and provides the path for the users to enjoy the virtual reality.


Samsung was the first brand that came up with the virtual reality headsets. They launched the Gear VR along with the co-development of the oculus. They are designed to break the walls that the virtual reality could be only admired through the high end PC’s. They were developed to bring the reality with the cause of letting the players to enjoy the VR through their smartphones.

There are many versions in the device that supports number of smartphones. The lens will separate the display of the eyes and the screen which offers high resolution displays. There are additional controllers that can be purchased at lower prices. Before purchasing they should be noted that they fit into their smart phone models. They are cheaper in price including the extra operators.


Daydream will be the next generation of VR from the Google. It will be the future of the Google and the Android virtual reality. The daydream is available only in the form of Google’s own headset. For the VR view, the user should have the phone that is ready to operate such as the Google’s own pixel and its handsets. Many other smart phones models such as the Moto Z are adding the features for the real visual.

The best advantage of this device is that it has a very soft material that covers the tool rather than having hard and rigid plastics.


It was revealed in the market at 2014. It has a wonderful nature of the cardboard box that fixes the smart phone inside it. All type of mobile can be adapted for the display in a virtual manner. The cost is minimal and also it could support wide range of smart phone models. In this system, the people do not want to employ in a bigger investment to enjoy the virtual display. Google has highlighted the tool as the development and bright investment in the future. There is no need of any head strap. It allows the viewer to view the Google street view, environments and the contents in the You Tube in a 360 view.

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