Best Headphones 2017

Headphones are the audio devices that allow the people to listen their favorite audio tracks in a more intense manner. They are the electric devices that are worn over your ears. They are suitable at any parts and they are very much comfortable in carrying. They can adapt the devices such as the Walkman, MP3 player, smart phones, PC’s, Laptops, etc. The headphones come in different sizes from small to big. People can buy them according to their personal taste and need. They are also known as the earphones, headsets, stereo phones and lot more. They are the device that many people use while travelling.

They make the feel of any audio even better than hearing aloud. But there is a risk of damaging your hearing ability when the ear phones are used for a long time hearing at high volumes. Also the portion that is to be plugged inside the ear is of small size. As there is more number of mobile phones that are developing with more and more features, the headsets are also developed to be more experimental. They have become a very common factor nowadays among all age group people. They are not only used for listening audio, they are also used while the video or audio chats that helps in enhancing the communication and the feel.

Factors to be noted while selecting any headset

There are many factors that have to be seriously noted with regards and maximum care because the audio device is attached with your hearing aid. Too much of low quality may affect the person. So the cost factor should not be considered too much and the quality of the product is essential. The branded products will be more advantageous than the other ones. They will provide a better quality.

Reviews of best headsets available at the market


It is equipped in such a way that it cancels the overall active noise. It has attractive and the best impressive wireless Bluetooth streaming sound quality. It allows the listeners while using the device in a more comfortable way than the others. They have good fold up design. The sound quality is doubled with the case of using the device for any phone calls.


They are the best fit for the person to hear the rich sound of any audio that is made to play. Also the device is as much comfortable around the neck and it delivers the very good premium sound enhancing all the features in the music tracks. They have better definition of the bass sounds. There are two cables available, one for which you can use it for the carrying purpose and the other for the in-line remote access. They completely fit around the neck in a more comfortable manner.


It is a Bluetooth attached set that is more sturdy and classic in delivering the sound even in the wireless mode. But the user can feel the full audio track at its peak by having the wired option. It has a better battery life than its predecessor.


It comes with a strong support to the sound quality which gives a comfortable and secure fit with the users. They are having the wireless option to hear the sound tracks.


They have the spacious and the softer ear cups that make it a more comfortable hearing aid. It offers excellent features such as the refined sound quality, high end build quality. It comes with a good carry case. The headset is a little bit pricy to make it adaptable for the android and the iOS versions.


It is a sport friendly design that comes with a light weight feature and neck around band. They are comfortable because they are water resistant devices that fit in the ear with ease in providing good sound quality. They can pair instantly with the apple devices. At times they are felt to be having longer cables than actually needed.


It is the smallest and affordable headset that is manufactured with a sturdy material. It offers the spacious, revealing, sound in the closed back design. The users can also opt for the lightning cable that comes along with them by the same manufacturer. The only defect is that they are a little bit heavy.


They are designed in an ultra-light weight manner. They come along with a chargeable carry case that instantly charges the ear pods whenever necessary. They are fully wireless and are easily adaptable with the apple devices. Their compact sizes are the high convenience factor to the users.


They have good noise cancelling technology. They are the wireless Bluetooth adaptable device. But they are little much costlier than the other cans. The battery life is very good having 12 hours of wireless listening ability. They are also very much suited with the case in making the phone calls. They are expensive and the user should take care of the battery because if the battery dies, then the user cannot listen to the music with the same set.


Even though the device is a little bit pricy, the headset offers the best sound quality to the users. They are relatively good in offering the excellent sound. They are built with a sturdy outer cover that can easily fit in the carry case given. The carrying case is very much protective and has three-button inline remote and microphone. They are designed to work well with the Apple and the Windows platform.


It has a better folding efficiency and has a fair price. They give good sound quality with extra comfort. They provide dynamic sound with detachable cable cords. They are involved in effective noise carrying and can suit even in small carry cases. Even if the battery dies, the music will not die. It has a 21 to 30 day risk free home trial option.


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