The Best Portable Hammocks in 2017 for Camping and Home Use

Camping is one the best ways that you can enjoy by exploring new places when you feel to travel and camping alone teaches you how to survive alone.While going for a camp we want to have our luggage to be light weight that it doesn’t it would surely restrict you in adventuring some places as you become tired carrying your luggage and to be light weighted you can’t choose a portable tent that fits in your back bag and that you fit in as well so what is the alternative thanks to the 900 years predated invention the hammock that is the best alternative for a portable tent and a light weighted fabric that you can fit in and that also fits in your back bag.

Hammocks available in the market:

The market has variety of choices for you to choose the best hammock for you and new models are arriving in the market from time to time this gives us a hard time selecting one from the lot and each have its own features reviews that gives us more difficulty in selecting the best to put it to you in the easy way here are the best portable hammocks of the year 2017:

Eagles Nest Outfitters – Double Nest Hammock:

Being available and holding the top of the market the brand ENO stands as the best comfortable and reliable hammocks for your camping and some notable features are; Strength of this hammock is designed to support a maximum up to 400 pounds and ensures safety as well. It is also useful in camping and also to use in your backyard for relaxing and its portability is designed in a way to fit in your back bag like a grapefruit, two people can fit in with ease or one can have a spacious nap.

Bear Butt #1 Double Hammock:

This hammock has the features of high suspension and strength and has all the features to stand at the first place but as per few negative review of not easy to handle has pulled it to the second place of the listing.

Hammock by Wise Owl Outfitters, Single & Double:

Wise owl outfitters have ranked 4.9 and are said to have given most of its customers the maximum satisfaction with its feature of easy to handle and maximum comfort will make you grab one of these if you see it in the market.


Portable Parachute Nylon Camping Hammock:

OuterEQ has manufactured this hammock to be the best outside hammock with its 4.6 ranking ad good reviews as well.

Legit Camping – Double Hammock:

The legit camping double hammock is said to be the most recreated hammock with easy to handle comfortable and with best portable hammock in the market and they creators have assured to reach the top of the listing by the next recreation cycle.


Winner Outfitters Double Portable Camping Hammock:

Though having 4.8 raking and over six hundred reviews the slight disorder in fabric has pulled down in the ranking.


Live Infinitely Double Outdoor Camping Hammock:

Having all the features of a double hammock and also various color variations in the product few negative reviews about it’s over cover had an impact of this hammock in the listing.


Ohuhu Portable Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock:

This is the best nylon fabricated hammock and portable in the market due to its suspension faults it has not been reached the top.

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock:

Hammock sky Inc. has given this double hammock with the most comfortablity for customers but the fact that only one person can fit in has made this drop down in the listing.


Hammocks Rada Handmade Yucatan Hammock:

Being the only handmade hammock in the listing just the fact it doesn’t have the over cover and net features as negative has put is in the last in our list.

Looking at these hammocks gives you a question which is the best as per my need and how can I choose the best? Let’s look through guide to select the hammock.

Guide to select the best hammock:

To select the best hammock it doesn’t need to top the list of best hammocks but it should be in the list and at the same time satisfying your needs and there are few things that you have to look into for selecting the best hammock they are:


The length of the hammock is to be determined by the user’s height if you are 6 feet tall then a 10 feet hammock would be good and if you are taller than 6 feet then going for 11 feet hammock would be the best.


The width bust be equal to your height if you lie diagonally this makes you more comfortable and there are hammocks for single and double persons that differ in their width


The fabric or material should be light weighted and abrasion resistant, nylon is the most commonly used material and hammocks come in different forms of nylon.


There are different lay based hammocks like straight lay, right and left lay hammocks and preferring the straight lay hammocks gives you the maximum comfort.


Selecting the suspension as per your wish is not a problem unless you choosing a buckle.


You can select either single or double layered hammocks, double layered hammocks have more durable and costlier than single layered hammocks.


Selecting hammocks that come with an integrated net or removable nets will protect you from bugs and insects while you take a nap during your camping.

Trap/Over cover:

During camping trekking there are lot of chances for a down pour and the over cover or the trap is required to protect you from it and keeping you warm by reducing the air flow.

So as we have gone through the guide regarding the facts that we must look into before getting a hammock and the best portable hammocks in 2017 reviews just go ahead and select looking at all the above factors and reviews.

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