What is Neobux.com? Is Neobux Scam? Neobux Review

Is Neobux a scam? Reality

If you came to this blog, maybe you were looking for money online and you found Neobux. So is Neobux a scam? Reality may surprise you, just take away the facts and let you see your own conclusions.

If you asked me if I would recommend it, my answer is not here and here I explain why

Brief introduction: What is Neobux?

It is a PTC website (Pay per click) that pays you to click on advertising, complete tasks and get referrals. At first glance it looks like a website with a good reputation and people claiming to be able to earn large sums in it. Why do we refer to many of the following?

My experience in this PTC. Nothing good.

First of all I want to clarify that although a web SI does not have to say that you can leave a scam or that you can not use an honest system. Neobux if you pay, but you deserve time, money and dedication?

What defines in my opinion whether a website is a scam or not is the transparency and also the participation of the owner as well as the freedom to express an opinion in the positive or negative sea forum besides the money obviously.

Neobux pays you “crumbs” to attract more users, referrals or investors that many of them soon realize they are losing their time and money in the worst case.

There are already 2 points that did not work as they say:

Click on the advertising (it takes a long time and you will only get a couple of cents a day)
Complete tasks (never available)

Let’s see the third point

Direct referrals and referral rentals

  • Direct Referrals: friends, acquaintances, family etc … people we can invite on Facebook or other social networks, and with whom we speak personally.
  • Referrals Rented: People from a group who created an account on this website without anyone having referred them, or so they tell us on this website as there are many open topics in which former members of Neobux claim that these referrals are not real people but bots Below I will explain it in detail.

How referrals work and why you need them

Getting referrals is the method that stands out because you can try to convince to open an account in Neobux, “the secret” is to rent them because inviting 100 or more people directly is quite complicated and not something everyone can do . According to the tasks and clicks that your referrals make, you get a percentage of what they earn.

The problem for me is this: Knowing that for 200 ads and hours of “work” they just give you $ 0.15. Who am I going to convince you to do this every day for me?

That is the model that presents, one in which you have to persuade someone to do repetitive tasks, long and poorly paid every day, this assuming that our referrals are direct.

Rented referrals

They have a value of $ 0.20 per month each, and you earn around 50% of their profits. Rent these referrals does not guarantee us that they will complete their daily tasks for us to win, or guarantee us if they are active users, which usually are not.

Assuming they are real people no one wants to spend their free time clicking advertising which pays below $ 0.001 and consumes hours of time.

Rent referrals or bots?

I was looking for some guide or strategy to use the referrals well, while browsing Google I found several complaints from former members trying to find an explanation in the Neobux forum about how their system works in addition to providing evidence that they could be bots and not real people.

Not only does this PTC refuse to explain its operation but they delete any type of post in the forum that questions them as well as banning the user who asks, without paying their profits and without the possibility of sending a ticket to support, since they lose access to your account.

This fact was the one that already made me have serious doubts about this PTC, if they are as honest as they assure us I do not see any reason to erase the questions that their members make about the system and much less to ban them while remaining the income that they have not taken out.

Can you make money with Neobux?

If you can, perhaps $ 5 or $ 10 a month, without referrals and that personally seems a ridiculous amount if we think that we are investing practically all our free time in an amount like that.

On the other hand, if we have DIRECT referrals it may be possible to earn something else but it is a matter of time before they see that it is not worth investing so much time and that the Neobux system is unsustainable, so once our referrals stop being active we we would stop winning.

You can withdraw income from $ 2
Several options to earn extra coins
Instant payments
Has an affiliation program

It has no transparency
Questioning the system in the forum is a reason for banning
Claims abound for the rental of referrals
Very low income potential

My verdict for Neobux. Waste of time

The fact that you are banned for asking questions in the forum about the operation of this website is a clear signal that something is not right here. If we go straight to Wikipedia about PTC we can see that they generally have a bad reputation and are not very transparent.

If you are looking for a couple of extra dollars a month then go ahead but nothing more. I consider it a waste of time. Perhaps with many direct referrals it is possible to earn some money but they will soon realize that they are wasting their time there.

All this is based on my opinion as well as bad experiences of other users that in the end dissuaded me from continuing on this website.

Would you recommend this website? Absolutely not.

Program: Neobux

Price: Free and Golden Membership $ 90 per year

Website: www.neobux.com

Rating: 25/100

I am sure that you prefer some REAL way of earning passive income and that you can be of great help in crisis. If you want to create your own web based on your hobbies and everything that excites you and generate HONEST passive income.

Any question, comment or personal opinion that you want to make, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments below I will respond as soon as possible.

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