What is Traffic Monsoon? Is Traffic Monsoon Scam? Traffic Monsoon Review

Important announcement
TrafficMonSoon gave very good results while it lasted but overnight became SCAM suddenly closing its website without giving an explanation.

TrafficMonSoon is a page PTC (Paid To Click or what is the same, pay per click) and RevShare at the same time, which has given and continues to currently provide great benefits to its users.

Without a doubt, it has become a true reference, perhaps not because of the novelties it offers compared to other pages of the same style, but certainly, because of its effectiveness in generating benefits without any type of difficulty.

His best year of performance, was in 2015 and although he is currently in low hours in terms of number of daily announcements, due to problems he had with the PayPal payment processor, which blocked his accounts, he continues to pay instantly to all users.

Ways to earn money in Traffic MonSoon

In Traffic MonSoon you can earn money only in two different ways, but both are very effective:

Clicks and ad views: view ads called Cash Links and earn easy money.
Investment packages: invest in investment packages and get benefits over time.

Because the investment packages are quite expensive ($ 55) and having other investment pages more specialized and with a much more affordable cost per package (see here), I will simply focus on your way of making money by clicking on ads.

First of all, it is very important to view every 24 hours through the so-called ‘surf’ 50 ads of 5 seconds each day to activate the reception of Cash Links, as well as the commission you receive from your referrals (if you have them)

Once you visualize these 50 ads, as you can see in the previous image, the text will appear in green and will give you a 24-hour counter. After this, you must re-display 10 ads.

Then I leave a screenshot of the types of Cash Link ads that usually appear on this page. As you can see the value of these ads range from 0.001 to 0.02 $.

Verification of identity

For a relatively short time, Traffic MonSoon requires its members to verify their identity in order to access all their services. To carry out this verification, you simply fill in the form with your name and surname and upload a photo or photocopy of your ID.

The verification is not immediate, it will take between 1-3 days to complete this process. With this new system, although it is not to everyone’s liking, it is positive both for the page and for the user, since both gain in security and protection against possible theft of accounts or hacking.

Referrals and memberships

What makes Traffic MonSoon so popular and can earn so much money in such a simple way, is without a doubt the 100% referral fee it offers. In case you have not understood, you will earn 100% of the money that your referrals generate.

Currently, depending on the day you can earn with your clicks only $ 0.10 up to $ 0.15 daily. You only have to do accounts, if you have 100 active referrals, a day you can earn $ 10 full, a real barbarity for the effort involved.

Regarding the membership system, this page does not have any type.

Minimum and payment terms

In reference to the payments, the minimum so that you can get your earnings will be $ 2 only, although it will be minimum increasing $ 1 each time we request a payment to reach a maximum of $ 10. Withdrawals of money can be carried out by Payza or Solid Trust Pay.

Payment vouchers

The majority of payments that I have are through PayPal, since before yes they paid for this processor.

The truth is that I have very few payments on this page and not just because you can not make money with it, on the contrary you can earn a lot. In particular, these payments have been made without the slightest effort, just dedicating 4-5 minutes a day. The problem is that referrals I have very few and active even less, since I started the adventure on this page too late, when everyone already knew.

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