What is Jvzoo? Is Jvzoo Scam? Jvzoo Review

Continuing with our line of CPA revisions, today we are going to tell you what JVzoo is and how it is melted. If you are someone who wants to generate extra income with the Internet or live on it, you can not stop reading this article. The operation is quite similar to ClickBank, which was analyzed in this blog.

What is Jvzoo?

JVzoo is an affiliate platform that allows you to sell digital products with a commission. You can use it as a creator of the product or as an affiliate. Here we are going to focus on the affiliates. In short, JVzoo provides you products for you to sell on your websites or with the traffic you generate in exchange for a commission.

It is a fairly serious and quite settled company, with a long history in the world of affiliate sales.

How much does JVzoo pay?

Payments are usually commissions that range between 30% and 75%, depending on the product. Each product is different. But to give you an idea, the products have a cost of between 35 and 100 dollars, for which good commissions are generated. Another advantage is that you have many recurring billing products, with what you earn every month if the customer chooses that product.

What products does JVzoo offer?

In JVzoo you can find all kinds of digital products: courses, ebooks, software, miraculous treatments … It has many products in the Digital Marketing niche: video creation, web creation, landing pages, autoresponders, avatar creation, social network management …

The programs themselves are quite interesting and many of them have tens of thousands of sales. This can be seen in a panel where we are told a very valuable information of how it has gone to other users selling that product.

How do I start working with JVzoo?

Its operation is simple, you must create a free account on the official site of Jvzoo. Once accepted you will find a detailed product list. You must choose the products that interest you and request a request from its owner. They usually approve almost all, although some require requirements. Once the creator of the product accepts you, a link will come out and the material will promote it. Now with that link and promotional material you start selling for your traffic places.

Why does JVzoo stand out?

JVzoo stands out for these reasons:

  • Products of very good quality in many niches.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • Good profits for affiliates.
  • Good statistics system
  • Very careful and dynamic sales pages.
  • Seriousness and solvency.

How much is earned with JVzoo?

Evidently this question has no answer. There are affiliates who earn thousands of dollars a day and others who earn nothing. It all depends on your talent and your ability to train and do things well. You can earn thousands of dollars, but you have to have the necessary knowledge. However, focusing these products well to the right niche will be easy to make some sales a month that generate at least a few hundred dollars.

Where can I promote my JVzoo links?

In Blog or own website

If you have a blog or web of your own with readers who trust your criteria, you have a sales pipeline. Make sure you sell the right product in the right niche. Example: do not sell 3D design software on a web for diets.

In social networks

Social networks have millions of people that you can access, either with your own followers or paid traffic to Twitter and Facebooks Ads. You should be careful with the bans. Many of JVzoo’s direct links are already prohibited on Twitter and Facebook. You can use a landing page.

A useful tool social networks is the MegaPublicator of Facebook.


Search forums that are related to the niches of JVzoo and try to publish there in a discreet way.

Email marketing

If you have lists of email marketing according to the niche you can also have a vein. Do not spam or pick up emails from chains or the Internet. Do not buy email lists either. The only thing that is achieved with that is that you ban the IP of the accounts and do not get your emails or spam. It is wasting time and money.

Ads in Google Adwords or Bing

If the products are good they can work with ads in paid search engines. You can use the free Google Adwords and Bing coupons and calculate the ROI.

CPA Companies

Go to these companies to obtain a segmented audience, by previously passing through a landing page. Here some companies have been analyzed to buy traffic such as Exoclick, Plugrush or Traficcjunky.


Creating videos on a channel

Create a Youtube channel related to the niche to make videos and upload them. You can even promote these videos on other sites so they can see that content. Leave your link in the description and try to subtly move them to click on it.

Comments on videos

Leave comments on videos that have some relationship with the niche you are promoting. You can leave the link or invite them to watch your channel. Try to make those comments good, because people will vote positively and you will climb to the top positions.

Comments on Blog and web pages

Try to find blogs and web pages on the theme of the product you promote. Comment on them in such a way that you seem interested and that you know about the subject. You can even create controversy. Put the link with delicacy.

What is the payment method in JVzoo?

Pay for Paypal.


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