What is Fortadpays? Is Fortadpays Scam? Fortadpays Review

Now the same name as the doubt that is Fort Ad Pays, if it really pays and if it is true that we will gain sin affiliate to other people. All this buying advertising packages.

We had been waiting for a business with these characteristics for some time. A real and simple business to explain. This is very powerful on its own.

Then we begin so that you do not have the doubt and make your registration with our work team.

It is a business created by Hispanics, if it is, created by Hispanics where the vast majority of members are from Spain. Countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Italy, Morocco, etc … are also re-emerging with great force …

In short, it is a Global Business in which everyone can benefit greatly from the insurmountable functions offered by the company.

But what is Fort Ad Pays ??

All right, let’s get to the point once and for all. Fort Ad Pays is a GLOBAL advertising platform.
Being an advertising platform our function within the company is the purchase of advertising packages. So far nothing new, right?

Pay attention because now it gets more than interesting.

What is impressive and exclusive is that it offers Shared Profits for those who buy advertising packages of shared profit (this is called Shares).

Once purchased the advertising packages (you can buy the ones you want, starting from 10 Dolaritos) you will start receiving EVERY HALF HOUR gains of all the packages that you have bought. (The profits of your packs will depend on the global turnover of the company)


This yes, essential requirement with two options …

  • The first option: you have to see 8 advertisements every day. You do not want to see the 8 daily ads you can choose the second option.
  • The Second Option: buy a vacation package to not be aware of the 8 ads. Very easy, do not you think ?? …
    In this option you have the possibility to acquire the one that best suits you.

My opinion of Fort Ad Pays is that it is an excellent business, easy to understand, simple to explain and magical because of the ease of announcing your proposal, product or service.

And meanwhile, a percentage of EVERY HALF HOUR of the company’s bill for the purchase of your packs will be earned.
Its president is called Pedro Fort.

The headquarters is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica and is now a project of Fort Ad Pays Inc.

Mention you also that you were born in November 2014 and its growth is exceeding all your expectations.

Its biggest mission is to be among the top 1000 in the Alexa ranking globally and be the best advertising platform in the Hispanic field.

Practically already they are but they are conscious of the continuous improvement for a good development of the business of all the affiliates.

Before you see the video with more detailed information about the business, I want to emphasize that it also has a very, very attractive compensation plan.

Compensation Plan for Fort Ad Pays affiliates …

Where you will pay a total of 20% of commissions in 10 levels of depth and without direct limits. (You can have thousands of affiliates in your first level). Let’s go with the percentages friend:
1st Level: 8%
2nd Level: 4%
3rd Level: 2%
4th Level: 1%
5th Level: 1%
6th Level: 1%
7th Level: 1%
8th Level: 1%
9 Level: 1%
10 Level: 1%

This Business Class Are Rising

For its simplicity and exclusivity on the Internet.

Fort Ad Pays what it offers us is to buy advertising for your business, blog, etc … It is also a segmented advertising by country.
For example, to focus our advertising on people from Spain, people from Mexico, like other countries. And the power of this system is to generate profits with the purchase of advertising packs.

The potential of business online is impressive. Nowadays anyone can have their business online. Or have several businesses to diversify profits.

It would be unthinkable that you stay with only one source of income. But if you only dedicate yourself to a business, it does not exempt you from advertising.

This is where the potential of Fort Ad Pays comes in.

First of all it gives you the possibility to advertise your business, or whatever you are promoting. And secondly it makes you earn money for the advertising packs you buy. And if this were not enough, Fort Ad Pays pays every half hour.

Now I leave you with the Last Fort Ad Pays Conference so you can expand the information and join my team as soon as you wish.

Something of vital importance is to know the manager of the business, to show his face, not to hide.
Charges and payments are made through the processor Payza (Recommended), 2pay4you, 2clicpay.

The support and strategy are guaranteed by me. You can register for free and within 72 hours I get in touch with you.

When you have registered for free you will find much more detailed information at the minute of what is happening.

Also do not forget to visit the tab ADS of the menu, you will start to see results immediately.

Last conclusions

Fort Ad Pays has all the advantages to become one of the best pages to earn money in the coming months. It has a very clear business idea, where economic attractiveness and good returns are sought but without forgetting the most important: the sustainability of the project.

In addition, behind all this is a very powerful company and a “boss” of recognized professional career. If they continue in the line they have marked in their first months of life, it can be a place that gives us many joys.

As we mentioned at the beginning, it has the virtue of being a feasible site both for people who want to start very slowly and without investing anything, as for those who are looking for places to invest their money and get good returns.

Despite the good feelings, it is worth remembering the usual: no site is 100% safe. At any time, the page can go to hell and thereby make us lose our money. It would not be the first time this kind of thing happens.

In case of investing, do it with prudence and head. Always very studied amounts and that you can allow yourself to lose without your economy suffering in any way.

Do not let yourselves be carried away by the emotion of seeing how other people get paid thousands of dollars. Not everyone has the same means and everyone has to adapt to what they have. It is one thing to be ambitious and eager to grow, and quite another to be a person blinded by greed.

If you have all these clear concepts and you have found an interesting site, I would appreciate it if you did it through the button that closes the article. With this, you will become my referrals and you can count on my help for any kind of doubt.

Greetings to all and see you in the next article 🙂

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