CrazyHowTo: How To Take Care of Your Mattress

And you … How do you take care of your mattress? Sometimes we do not value the importance of this element so basic in our life, an area in which we spend, on average, between 7 and 9 hours each day.

Its firmness, hygiene and good condition are not only essential for a better rest. It also guarantees the good health of our back and even prevents us from suffering different allergic processes.

We can not forget, for example, that mattresses form a “fabulous” environment for the proliferation of mites. It is therefore necessary to follow a series of guidelines so that their presence is minimal and also guarantee us adequate health.

Today in our space we want to explain how to do it. Because, sometimes, small modifications make great benefits that can change our life.

Good ventilation

During the summer they cool the room
Surely you have heard or read that “making the bed in the morning is not good for your health”. It is necessary to qualify this sentence so as not to fall into mere sensationalism.

  • The mites like warm and humid environments. If we make the bed immediately we will only reinforce that environment so propitious that the mites continue to proliferate.
  • It is advisable to wait between 1 and 2 hours before making the bed.
  • Ideally remove the sheets and the bedspread and open the windows of the room so that the mattress is ventilated.
  • It is important to get fresh air into the room. In this way, we will sanitize the mattress until the mites die.

However remember: the mites will have died, but the exoskeleton of these microscopic beings can continue on the mattress (and cause the same allergic reactions).

It is therefore necessary to implement another strategy.

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Bicarbonate to disinfect the mattress

Now we know that, every day, it is advisable to ventilate the bed for a couple of hours before doing it, ie before replacing the sheets and bedspread.

The second key to maintaining proper hygiene on our mattress is to do a cleaning once a month. To do this, take note of this simple proposal.

What I need

  • Your vacuum cleaner
  • ½ cup of baking soda (100 g)
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil essential oil

How I do it
It is very simple and the result is sensational. What we will do is remove all the sheets and place the mattress leaning next to the window.

  • Mix in the cup the baking soda with tea tree oil. Then we sprinkle this mixture on the mattress.
  • If we see that we need more, we will add a new cup with the same amounts of this essential oil, which will guarantee us an adequate disinfection.

Let it air for two hours with these two healthy ingredients. Remember to do it on both sides of the mattress. The smell that will leave you is very pleasant.

Rotate the mattress periodically

Surely you knew, but it is worth remembering something essential to ensure that our mattress does not suffer deformations.

  • Every week you should turn over the mattress.
  • Remember also to turn the head area to the feet.

We should also note that the bed is not for sitting. Sometimes we spend many hours with the computer or a book in this position.

This type of customs that we all have also deformed our mattress too.

The protection of a good sheath

All mattresses come with their own cover. However, in order to guarantee not only a better rest but a better health of the fabric it is advisable to add another sheath.

  • It will serve as a barrier between the mattress and other external agents such as our sweat.
  • In addition, we can wash this case in the washing machine, like any other garment.
  • A good case should be breathable, waterproof and easy to wash. Cotton ones, for example, are very suitable.

To conclude, we know that you already knew most of these simple tips. In reality, it would only be about being aware that maintaining the good condition of our mattress is essential to get up with more energy and more energy.

Your back will appreciate these remedies and, if you suffer from allergies, they will also be of great help. Do we put them into practice?

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