Cabin Suitcase – Buying guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2018

Those who travel today no longer resort to the traditional suitcases of great size and weight that were typical of other times. The new ways of traveling and the demands of airlines have encouraged the appearance of cabin luggage, compact and small size, which have become the ultimate must purchase for those traveling for pleasure or work. For your trip to be safe, you must choose suitcases whose measures conform to the regulations established, but with enough space to carry your things safely. These requirements are well fulfilled by the Samsonite suitcase 53449-1041, which offers a capacity of 36 liters with four movable wheels and a handle of special comfort for its displacement, which make it the suitcase best valued by the buyers. A short distance away we find the American Tourister Bon Air Spinner S Strict suitcase, which has a capacity of up to 30 liters, with a four-wheel design 360 degrees to take it better, along with a rigid casing that adequately protects your belongings.

What is the best cabin suitcase on the market?

Whether you travel often for work reasons or because your vacation is approaching and you already have plans to leave home, it’s time to choose a suitcase that you can ride in the cabin of the plane, that is, have appropriate measures to be considered “hand luggage”. But choosing one in particular can be a complex task because of the number of models and brands that exist.

There are large, medium and small suitcases, some include two wheels and others are even more stable and comfortable to transport with four wheels. There are rigid, semi-rigid, of different materials and characteristics. However, there are some factors that you should not overlook, so we have prepared this guide to buy the best cabin suitcase on the market with the aim that you can make a good comparison of cabin suitcases and in the end you can choose a good one and economic

Shopping guide

Measures and needs

First of all, let’s think about our needs. Cabin luggage are recommended for short trips since they are usually very compact. If you are staying less than a week away from home, a small cabin suitcase is preferable, but in case of trips of two weeks or more, you may need a larger suitcase.

Afterwards, it is important to be clear on which airline you prefer to travel. Remember that each has specific rules about the size of the cabin bag to be considered “hand luggage”. Some accept the standard size that is usually 55 x 40 x 20 cm, while others allow only smaller luggage and some other airlines allow you to carry a cabin suitcase a little larger than average. That is why we recommend you to know the following characteristics before buying the cabin suitcase.

Capacity and weight

In this opportunity we do not refer to the total size of the suitcase but to the amount of clothes and objects that it can contain. There are cabin suitcases that at first sight look great, but that have little capacity inside. The most important thing is that the internal space is large enough to contain all the things you need to put in, but at the same time be compact in its external part.

It is also advisable to check the weight of the suitcase when it is empty; remember that, even if you have two or four wheels, sooner or later we must lift it up or down the car, so try to buy a light suitcase. We think that the weight of what we put in and that it will be considered “hand luggage” by most airlines must be between 5 and 12 kilograms of total weight will already be enough. It is very important that you consult your travel agent with this information, so you will know if it will really allow you to take it in the cabin of the plane.

Rigid or semi-rigid

Before asking how much it costs it is good to be clear about what material we prefer. The advantage of having a rigid suitcase is that what you have inside will be better protected. If you are going to use it as hand luggage, this may be a good option, but if you exceed the weight or size, the airport officials will send it to the conveyor belt and when passing through so many hands the rigid suitcases can get damaged on the outside, with some stripes and bumps.

On the other hand, the semi-rigid cabin suitcases are much more durable on the outside, but as you know, they do not protect what they have inside very well, so you’ll have to be more careful. It is common for semi-rigid cabin luggage to be lighter than rigid luggage due to its construction.

What is the best cabin suitcase of 2018?

It is not easy to find the perfect suitcase but it is always good to have a suitable suitcase to take with you in the plane cabin. Trolley style suitcases are ideal for their size and ease of movement, check these quoted models so you can make an intelligent investment for your comfort and your pocket.


Recommended Products

Samsonite 53449-1041

Main advantage:

It is designed with the innovative material called “Curv”, which gives strength and durability to the suitcase, in addition to turning it into a suitcase of great lightness.

Main disadvantage:

Users have not registered a point against this suitcase, however it must be mentioned that both their information and the guarantee of it are included only in German, being difficult to understand.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is a case of cabin with resistance thanks to its material Curv, with great mobility and that has a security system with which you can rest easy.


The material with which the suitcases are designed is usually a subject of great importance for the buyer since this will define the hardness and resistance of the same, as well as the useful life that they are able to provide and that is why the Samsonite brand has decided to make your cabin luggage with the innovative material now called “Curv”.

Curv is a material highly resistant to shock, which is common in airports or when traveling so it is a good feature to highlight, especially because it will give the user peace of mind. On the other hand, as the users have let know, the material is rigid, however it is not so extreme, and thanks to that it can be molded a bit depending on the content to be stored.

Also, another detail of this material is that it is very light, and that is why the Samsonite 53449-1041, by itself, weighs only 1.8 kilograms. That is to say, even with its great resistance it is really light and its protection or movement will not be an inconvenience.


Mobility is a crucial point when it comes to suitcases, and therefore it is not a surprise that this suitcase has 4 totally multi-directional wheels. Because of these you can direct the suitcase in the direction you want, avoiding all kinds of obstacles or traffic jams.

On the other hand, it has handles both lateral and in the upper part of the suitcase, being able to carry your suitcase as you prefer, depending on the weight of it or what you are planning to do with it. Of course, thanks to these handles, their mobility is increased and gives the user more mobility.

Not being their handles and enough wheels, also includes a telescopic handle, that is, which can fold and unfold for a better handling of this suitcase, it is monotube and is deployed by pressing a button to release it from your insurance.

Dimensions and Security

This Samsonite suitcase has dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters and therefore, in most airlines, it can be carried as carry-on luggage, so you can have all your things in view. Inside you will find various compartments with zippers and separations by ribbons for a better organization of your clothes and other luggage.

Now, with regard to the security that this suitcase is able to provide you, it has a combination lock system TSA (Transportation Security Administration) which allows you to configure a code to keep your things safe. In addition, this system is approved and suggested by the United States and is that when entering or leaving the country, most of the suitcases are checked and those that have this type of security are kept safe from being broken or mistreated. that the security department can open them, check them, and close them again without breaking them.

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner S Strict

If you travel often for business or if you just want to spend a few days on vacation and you plan to travel by plane, you will need a cabin bag like this with which you can enter the plane avoiding the entire billing process of the suitcase as well as possible losses of your luggage.

This model American Tourister, made of polypropylene, has dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters so it is very compact but, in turn, has a capacity of 30 liters, so, well organized, it fits much more than that seems at first sight.

As for its transport, this is really simple thanks to the lightness of this suitcase as well as its wheels that rotate 360º so that you can overcome any obstacle without effort.

Inside you can find multiple pockets and fastening tapes so that you can organize your luggage perfectly and without headaches.

And if we talk about security, it is a rigid suitcase, so everything you keep in it will be protected against blows. It closes with a zipper and brings, for your peace of mind, a three-digit TSA lock

Let’s see some remarkable features of this model below.


Security: has a three-digit TSA lock, so you can rest easy when leaving your luggage away from you.

Type: This model is a rigid type, so your luggage will be perfectly protected against bumps and dents.

Wheels: This model has four wheels that rotate 360 ​​º, which will be very easy to transport although your luggage weighs.


Capacity: It has a capacity of 30 liters, capacity that can be somewhat short if your trip is planned for several days.

Hauptstadtkoffer 39662007

Another good option as the best cabin suitcase is this model of 42 liters capacity and with approved measures for IATA flights of 55 x 35 x 20 cm extendable by rack to 24 cm wide. It is a sturdy and ultra lightweight trolley cabin suitcase with a rigid shell, with elegant and modern design, which is made with a combination of Polycarbonate and ABS that make it robust, lightweight and stable.

It has an extendable aluminum handle, top and side handle for ease of handling. It also has 4 rubber wheels that rotate 360º for maximum comfort of movement.

Its interior is fully lined and has an internal grid separator and crossed tapes for the immobilization of luggage. It closes with a zipper and TSA code lock so that, if necessary, the airport staff can open and close it without forcing it.

Deciding which cabin suitcase to buy is not always a simple task, so knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of them is crucial to make the best decision. Find here the pros and cons of the 39662007 of Hauptstadtkoffer:


Type: the most appreciated feature of the Hauptstadtkoffer cabin suitcase 39662007 is the fact that it is a rigid type, so it is especially resistant to knocks and will not be deformed by the weight of other suitcases or its contents.

Capacity: unlike the previous model, this one offers you a little more capacity by having a total of 42 liters so it can offer you more extra space for your belongings.

Design: has a very sober, serious and elegant design, ideal for executives to have finished in glossy black with accessories in matte color so it will be useful for business trips.

Security: like the previous model, it also has a three-digit security system that guarantees an excellent level of security so that your belongings travel safely.


Weight: however, we must mention that this model weighs a little more than the previous one when having about 3.2 kilograms, so you will have to take this factor into account if the airline has a weight limit for luggage.

Utopia Perfecto 817B

The best option for a better cabin suitcase is this lightweight and compact Utopia 817B Perfect model, which features a sturdy rigid casing made of durable ABS and features a silent wheel system on each corner, with 360 ° rotation , for comfortable handling and easy sliding in any direction.

With dimensions of 36 x 55 x 25 cm it is allowed to travel in the cabin of any plane and the sober black color makes it satisfyingly attractive for both men and women.

In its interior design it has 2 large pockets and a mesh divider designed to keep dirty clothes apart during travel time. On the outside, it has a side handle and an extendable telescopic bar for carrying it in the hand or sliding it. It also has a zipper and combination padlock for adequate security.

If you intend to save as many euros as possible, one of the cheapest cabin bags can be an ideal option for you. Get to know here the characteristics of the Perfecto 817B of Utopia:


Wheels: one of the most appreciated aspects of the perfect cabin suitcase 817B Utopia is that it has four wheels pivoting in 360 ° so you can push, drag or take it to your walk.

Handle: has a telescopic handle ergonomically designed to offer handling and handling as comfortable as possible.

Type: in addition, it is a rigid type so it is quite resistant and will not be deformed by weight or content.


Resistance: a point to take into account is that this suitcase is not rigid so it can be more susceptible to bumps or deformations.

Capacity: in addition, this model is a little smaller than the previous ones so the necessary measures must be taken if the trip is long.

American Tourister 53192/2601

Other of our options among the best cabin suitcases of 2018 is this model 53192/2601 American Tourister, which has 27.5 liters capacity, and has 55 cm high, 40 cm length and 20 cm wide, with modern design and rigid structure made of ABS / PC resistant.

On the outside it has 2 large wheels for an adequate mobility with smooth running, a double tube handle with handle and multi-position locking button to adjust it conveniently to the desired height, a lateral handle for grip and lift, curved zip and padlock Fixed with three-digit combination to travel safely.

Inside there is an internal separator with pocket, net style, for a better organization and use of the front space and adjustable cross straps with buckle closure to ensure the contents in the rear compartment.

And if you have imposed a cap on your budget, know the advantages and disadvantages of what can be the best cabin bag for 100 euros, the 53192/2601 American Tourister, can help you make your decision:


Design: one of the most appreciated aspects of the cabin suitcase 53192/2601 is the fact that it has a very modern and attractive design so it will be a pleasure to take it on your travels.

Type: it is also worth mentioning that it is a rigid type which makes it resistant to bumps or dents.

Security: in addition, it has a security system of digits to prevent the opening of closures.


Capacity: has a capacity of 28 liters so it is smaller than some models in this list and this affects the amount of belongings that can be carried in it.

Wheels: in addition, it has only two wheels so you must drag it and this may involve a little more effort.

How to use a cabin suitcase

If you want to learn how to pack your suitcase like a professional, follow these tips: completely open the suitcase on the floor, make sure there is nothing in the pockets of previous trips, put socks and other small items inside the shoes and put them on as the first layer.

If there are still gaps around the shoes, put other socks and underwear around them to complete the first flat layer, place all your clothes (either using the method of folding, rolling, pails to pack or vacuum bags).

Place fragile items (such as toiletries) in the center of the suitcase so that they have maximum padding and place more wrapped clothes around the gaps that may have formed to secure and stabilize all packing work.

Place a small travel towel on everything mentioned above to complete the work, close the suitcase and, if necessary, ask someone to help you carefully close it or gently sit on it to help remove the pressure on the zippers.

Have all the items at your disposal before you start packing

Select all the clothes, electronic equipment, toiletries and valuables you are going to start and place them in bed or on the floor. This will help you analyze if everything you plan to take is necessary, remember that less is more and that if necessary you can buy what you need in your destination.

Roll up your clothes or use the cubes to pack

By packing clothes in a coiled way you save a lot of space and help fill any void in the suitcase you may have. On the other hand, the pails to pack are small bags that you put inside your suitcase, they are very good since they compress the clothes without wrinkling it.

Buy good quality suitcases

Zippers and their handles often break or get damaged quite quickly in most cheap suitcases. So it is preferable to spend a little more and purchase higher quality suitcases, this will make a big difference.

Use belts to take pressure off the zippers

The internal straps of the suitcases help to compress their interior, but the most important thing is that they release some of the pressure exerted on the zippers every time the suitcase is transported from one side to the other in the airports.

Do not pack books, instead pack your Kindle

The books can weigh as much as a stone, so for avid readers, the best way to solve this problem is to have their readings on the Kindle or other device to read books as well as being quite light, they have a Incredible battery life of approximately 3 weeks.

Weigh your suitcase at home

It is the most recommended if you do not want to be taking your things out of the suitcase -and then have to throw them out- in front of many people at the airport.

The most popular brands

With the arrival of low cost lines and what they charge for carrying our luggage, cabin luggage has become essential for frequent travelers who do not want to pay more. But for that it is key that the chosen cabin suitcase meets the established measures, so it is advisable to look for a quality manufacturer, such as the ones we present, so that your purchase is successful.


IF there is a suitcase manufacturer par excellence within the market this is Samsonite. His name, which evokes the biblical Samson, is a reflection of the company’s ability to produce high quality, resistant and thoughtful products for the greatest comfort of the users. This is the fundamental principle that the company established in 1910, the year of its foundation, and which it has maintained until today.

To such an extent comes this obsession with the resistance and quality of its products that their suitcases even go through a kind of crash test so that they undergo the worst possible treatment to guarantee that the final product is of the necessary quality. Although the company remains market leader if it is true that in 2009, with the arrival of low cost travel models and the global travel crisis, its market was affected, having to file a bankruptcy declaration to avoid its dissolution.

The rescue measures include the presence of low-cost luggage, the opening of new markets and the designs adapted to current times such as cabin luggage, which are still highly requested by users.

American Tourister

A suitcase for a dollar. This was the dream of Sol Koffler when he founded American Tourister in 1933. Although he approached the goal, the important thing is that the boom in travel began to increase the demand for their suitcases, which begin to include compartments and elements that facilitate to pack. As the story progresses, the company’s products take new paths, such as that of soft suitcases or that of new, especially resistant materials.

It was also the company to make the leap to the plane, becoming the official supplier of many hostesses. The story would conclude, in part, in 1993 in which Samsonite buys the company, but maintaining its original design.

In fact today, the American Tourister suitcases are recognized both for their resistance and, especially, for their design, which includes cheerful and clear tones, original prints with a children’s line with Disney licenses and a customer service you can find from locks to accessories and spare parts for your bags easily and simply.


In addition to sharing a name with a famous television personality, Alistair is a suitcase brand designed especially for modern and contemporary times with products designed directly according to current requirements. These requirements include those that affect the cabin suitcases in terms of size and characteristics and are currently very fashionable due to the boom of low cost lines.

For these travelers Alistair puts at your disposal products equipped with wheels and very resistant handles, adjusted to the regulatory measures but inside which maximizes the space so that you can put everything you need without problems. The main advantage of Alistair as a brand lies, on the one hand, in adjusted prices that are specially thought out

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to prepare a cabin bag

Usually we travel with more than one suitcase, one or several large ones that go in the luggage area and another smaller one that we carry with us inside the cabin. These suitcases are subject to certain conditions imposed by each particular airline. Some usually stipulate a maximum weight of 10 kg while other companies are more flexible in this regard.

When making your suitcase you must take precautions and take only what is necessary, of course this is contingent upon the time you will be away from home. However, when it comes to a carry-on baggage, you should only store some specific and frequently used items during the trip; such as coats, gloves, some scarf, a small towel and maybe, a change of clothes.

Remember that for everything to fit inside the suitcase, experts advise storing garments in layers (one over the other), others recommend rolling each piece and others say, it is best to use a vacuum bag. In any case, you must not exceed the allowed weight and in addition, you must leave space for you to carry your most delicate electronic devices, such as a camera or a laptop.

Q2: How to correctly measure a cabin suitcase?

Many people trust their cabin bag because at first glance they think it is small and can easily be carried as carry-on luggage. But the truth is that if the suitcase does not meet the size requirements established by the airline, you can not take it with you and must go separately in the baggage area, which could cause an additional cost.

Because of this, it is important that you know the dimensions of your suitcase, since you could save yourself a disbursement of money and also a dislike. First of all, you should know that when measuring the suitcase, you must include the wheels as well as the upper handle. The deep part must not exceed 20 or 25 cm, depending on the company and the height must have a margin that oscillates between 55 and 56 cm.

Some recognized airlines stipulate reduced costs in their tickets in exchange for the acceptance of their rules, regarding the size of the cabin suitcase, which must have a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a weight of up to 10 kg .

Q3: Hard or soft cabin case

Usually we tend to believe that a rigid suitcase is more durable than a soft suitcase. But the truth is that everything depends on the materials of its manufacture, since some soft or flexible bags are as strong as a rigid suitcase; so there is no standard that stipulates durability between one model and another.

The rigid suitcases provide greater protection to our luggage, deal with the blows and prevent rain or any spill from damaging our belongings. Some models can be as light as a flexible suitcase and also, the aesthetic appearance of these suitcases is more attractive than the soft suitcases.

The soft suitcases on their side, are flexible and recommended for trips where we ourselves handle the luggage, as they are susceptible to shock and in some cases, to humidity.

Since they are suitcases manufactured with resistant textiles and with a design that adapts easily to luggage, some have external pockets and zippers that offer the option of expanding their load capacity. These suitcases are also ideal to carry in the cabin of an airplane, as long as they comply with the regulations, which favors the possibility of carrying more luggage.

Q4: What should not be put in a cabin bag?

As passengers, we must have knowledge about the objects that we should not carry inside our carry-on luggage, as this could save us a headache and the hassle of having to leave them abandoned in the customs service.

Among these prohibited objects are razors, scissors, thin-tipped umbrellas, sharp tools such as screwdrivers, sports equipment such as fishing poles, bats or ski poles. Similarly, you should not put hair dyes, nail polish, acetone, alcohol, matches or any other fuel in your cabin bag.

Likewise, it is forbidden to carry infectious material or any substance that represents a biological risk. It is also not allowed to include lithium batteries, aerosols and any type of liquid in containers larger than 100 ml. In this sense, liquids refer to: water and other beverages, colognes, oils, perfumes, shampoo, toothpaste, cream makeup and creamy or pasty foods.

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