Broom Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis in 2018

So that our home is free of dust and dirt, a vacuum cleaner is an ideal option, because it allows to collect and vacuum a greater amount of dirt than conventional vacuums. However, you must choose the factors that will help you choose the right one for you. In the first place, the power of the engine is very important, as is the suction capacity of the equipment, also if it needs to be wireless for greater comfort, of a compact size, an adequate dust deposit, among other characteristics. Among the favorite models by online shoppers, we can highlight the Bosch Athlet, an excellent wireless vacuum cleaner with 1500 W of power, autonomy of up to 3 hours, LED indicator screen and great practicality and lightness. Another remarkable model is the Dyson Digital Slim, it also has a capacity of 0.4 liters and a height of 1.2 meters that can be reached in difficult areas.

What is the best broom vacuum cleaner in the market?

This guide to buying the best broom vacuum cleaner will help you choose a product with an excellent value for money that suits your needs and budget.

You may have chosen to buy a broom-type vacuum cleaner because it is lightweight or because it takes up little space or you want a vacuum cleaner that is easier to handle than the sled type you already have, which you find very bulky when you want to perform quick cleanings. The important thing is that you evaluate the different options beyond what a broom vacuum cleaner costs.

Shopping guide

Which vacuum broom is better?

If you make a comparison of broom vacuum cleaners you may find models so varied that they are hardly comparable. This is where we want to insist that the best broom-type vacuum cleaner will be the one that complies with everything you need.

You should analyze factors such as:

Weight and measurements

Most broom-type vacuum cleaners are very lightweight and are not usually very large, so these characteristics are often considered in favor when deciding on a vacuum cleaner of one type.


In general, broom vacuum cleaners are less powerful in terms of suction power compared to sled type vacuum cleaners. For this, they are recommended mainly for small houses or when you want to vacuum for a quick clean.

However, a good broom vacuum cleaner should be able to properly vacuum dust, pet hair and other typical debris in our house.

Take into account the amps, volts and watts associated with the vacuum, as they all affect the power of the motor. In general terms, the higher these numbers are, the more power they will have. The more power, the more suction power.

The types of soil you plan to clean should also be taken into account when considering the power and suction power. If you want to vacuum carpets, you should know that you will need a more powerful vacuum cleaner than if you are only going to use it on hard floors.

Do not forget that the suction power will also be affected if the vacuum cleaner has filters and these are not clean or if the tank is too full.


Check that the vacuum works properly for the type of floor you have, most broom vacuums have the option to activate / deactivate the use of roller brush to clean carpets or hard floors as required.

Some broom vacuum cleaners are 2 in 1 because they can be “disassembled” to be used as a hand vacuum cleaner to clean armchairs, cars, etc.

Wireless or wired

Regarding this decision, several factors must be considered. In the first instance, will the broom-type vacuum be the only means to vacuum or is it a support for quick cleanups? If you are going to be your main cleaning equipment, it is recommended to use a cable that will not leave you lying in the middle of the process, but if you want the vacuum cleaner for small cleanings, it will be enough to acquire a basic model with or without cable.

You should also consider if you have a very large house, if so, once again they are more recommended those that have cable to finish all the aspirate. A cordless vacuum cleaner is very useful in places with few plugs, but you should be careful to have a plug in the area where the vacuum will be stored for loading.

If you decide on a cordless broom-type vacuum cleaner, make sure you have a cable long enough so that you do not have to be connecting and disconnecting as you clean the house.

Battery autonomy

If you prefer a cordless vacuum cleaner, do not forget to check the battery life. Most work between 7 and 15 minutes per load, but some can last up to more than 40 minutes, more than enough time to clean a house. It is also important to consider the charging time because some batteries require many hours before having a full charge.

Size of the suction nozzle

The width of the suction nozzle is really important. If it is very wide, you can finish aspirating faster by covering more area in each pass, however, a narrower nozzle can allow you to maneuver better between furniture, corners, etc.


They do not usually have a very large deposit, so if you have a lot to aspire to, you probably have to empty it before you finish vacuuming. Check that the tank emptying system is simple and as clean as possible.


Some vacuum cleaners of this type also include accessories for cleaning corners or upholstery.


One of the great advantages of broom-type vacuums is that they are very light and take up little storage space.

If you have little space to store the vacuum, you should know that there are models that can be folded, which makes storage even easier.

What is the best broom vacuum cleaner of 2018?

When you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, one of the options you can choose is to buy the best broom vacuum cleaner for its convenience and effectiveness.

Below, we suggest some of the best broom vacuum cleaners for 2018, so you can compare when making the decision.


Bosch Athlet

The best Broom VacuumsOur first candidate to consider when looking for the best quality vacuum cleaner broom is a Bosch wireless model.

It works with a battery of 25.2 that has a range of up to 60 minutes; You can vacuum your entire house without having to be plugged in. Bosch says that with this model you can get the same cleaning results you get with a 2,400W powered sledge vacuum.

It is a very light vacuum, so you can easily move it while you use it and when moving it from one place to another.

With this vacuum broom you can vacuum under furniture or anywhere difficult to access. It does not require a bag and uses a 0.9 liter tank. It also includes the Easy Clean system that allows you to disassemble the area of ​​the broom and the tank to leave it always clean in a simple way, since you can use it on any type of surface.

So, if you are interested in the best broom vacuum cleaner, ie the Bosch Athlet BCH6ATH25K, we invite you to take a look at the following pros and cons of the model:


Autonoma: This vacuum works on a 25.2-volt battery, which means it does not work with power cords. In addition, its battery takes only 3 hours to charge.

Power: Reaches up to 2400 watts of power, so it is possible to vacuum with minimum effort all kinds of waste, from dust to animal hair and therefore has been considered as the best brand of broom vacuum cleaners.

Flexible: You can reach those difficult places, thanks to the great flexibility that has this model that allows you to vacuum under the furniture without any problem.Storage: This vacuum has the ability to store up to 0.9 liters , thus getting rid of the annoying task of buying bags. In addition, with its LED screen you will know when you need to clean your filter.

Light: One of the best aspects of this vacuum is that it only weighs 3kg, so you can transport it wherever you want. In addition, with its 74 x 24 x 24 cm is compact in size to store it anywhere without ending up being a nuisance.


Time: One drawback you might find is that the battery can last less than 60 minutes if the vacuum is used at full power; however, it is possible to stay in 20 or 25 minutes depending on the power to be used.

Dyson Digital Slim

Dyson V6 + We present one of the best broom vacuum cleaners available in today’s market, thanks to its versatility, power and efficiency in cleaning and vacuuming your home. It is a practical tool that can be used as a broom for cleaning or as a manual vacuum cleaner, being specially designed for areas of difficult reach that conventional vacuum cleaners usually do not reach.

It includes two brushes and an excellent filtering system that retains allergens. It is ideal for all types of floors, including carpets, which clean at depth, hard and rustic floors and wooden pallets, among others. It also includes an effective mini motorized brush to remove pet hair and embedded dirt.

It has a maximum suction power of 100 AW, thanks to its Dyson V6 digital engine, which exceeds the standard in this type of vacuum. Its battery has an autonomy of up to 20 minutes and is charged in a practical included port where the machine and additional accessories are also stored. As it is recharged and stored in the same place, it is always ready to be used.

It also has a practical maximum power mode that provides 6 minutes of maximum suction power for the most difficult tasks. It is also very easy to use, for a simple and light cleaning in any space of your home.


Versatility: With its built-in brushes it is possible to effectively clean all types of floors, even the toughest, through carpets and delicate floors. The best thing is that it can be used as a hand vacuum for cars, armchairs or closets or any difficult corner. It can also be used without brushes to clean the roof and the high areas. That is, it allows a deep cleaning of almost any corner of our home.

Power: Your digital Dyson V6 engine, with a suction power of 100 AW, rotates at 110,000 revolutions per minute, which makes it one of the vacuum cleaners without cable More powerful of the market.

Filtration: It uses two model 2 Tier Radial cyclones, which is an excellent filter and a sealed system to ensure that the air expelled by the vacuum cleaner is much cleaner than the air that we breathe commonly.

Accessories: The product includes two deep cleaning brushes, a mini motorized brush, multifunction accessory, corner and a practical port for loading and storage.

Hoover Athen Atn 300b

Other of our candidates for the title of best vacuum cleaner broom is the model offered by Hoover with up to 60 minutes of autonomy and a power of 30V.

Do not use bag and clean your tank will not represent any heavy task. Something very important to indicate is that it uses a washable HEPA filter, which is highly recommended for allergic people.

You can use it on all types of floors, you can even select the carpet mode when you need to clean them. In addition, it has a Turbo function for those areas that require a deeper cleaning.

In terms of design, this model Hoover vacuum cleaner is equipped with an ergonomic handle for ease of handling, plus a handle for transport, and a bumper so that the vacuum cleaner does not damage furniture when passing near them. Through the LED screen you will know when it is fully charged and ready to be used.

If this equipment is of your taste and you want to know more information about it, we suggest you review its benefits and disadvantages, below:


Autonoma: Like the previous model, this vacuum cleaner performs its tasks without the need of a power cable, that is, it works with a 30-watt battery, being autonomous.

Storage: It has a storage capacity of up to 1 liter to contain all kinds of waste, so it is also used without any bag, saving you an extra expense in the purchase of bags.

Led Screen: With this screen you can know the battery level of your vacuum cleaner, as well as when it is ready to be used. In the same way, it gives you to know the exact moment in which it must be recharged.

Flexible: Thanks to the fact that it can articulate up to 180 degrees, you can reach those difficult places. In addition, it has a practical anti-shock system with which you will be quiet, being able to use it in delicate places.


Aspirated: Users claim to have problems with dust suction; that is, it can run out of power in certain circumstances.

Philips FC6162 / 01

Philips FC6162-01This model of the Philips brand is a very good ally in the cleaning of your home, thanks to its PowerCyclone technology, which allows high suction power for excellent performance, separating dust from the air once it enters. in the cyclone chamber. Your TriActive brush allows a greater capture of dust and lint, even on the hardest floors and carpets.

Being a 2 in 1 team, you can not only clean your floors, but also your furniture. Thanks to its motorized brush, you can get rid of animal hair found in sofas, cushions and other tissues, so if you have pets, this accessory can be very useful.

Thanks to the fact that it maintains its vertical positioning autonomously, it can be stored in any corner of your home, taking up little space due to its compact and ergonomic design. It also has great flexibility to clean easily under the sofa, bed or table without any effort.

Although this equipment can be used without cable, since it has rechargeable battery, its autonomy could be insufficient, and the charging time is quite long, completing in 16 hours, therefore the battery life is not one of its strong points.


Manejo: It is a fairly light equipment, which can be used perfectly throughout the house and in almost any corner. Its flexibility allows cleaning even under furniture, beds, among other corners of difficult access. In addition, the emptying of the dust tray is done in a single step, it is very simple and hygienic.

Versatility: It allows not only clean all types of floors and carpets, but also furniture, armchairs, car seats, and any difficult area access thanks to its motorized brush.

Price: It is among the most competitive vacuum cleaners on the market in terms of price, very attractive compared to other similar.


Battery: Some users have stated that the autonomy of the battery may be insufficient to complete the tasks of cleaning the home, as it only gives a maximum of 25 minutes, and its loading time of 16 hours is quite long.

Rowenta Air Force Extreme

Considered by many as the best broom vacuum cleaner that can be purchased for this money, this model works with a 24 V battery that generates a power of 2200 W. This battery gives you a range of up to 45 minutes.

Thanks to its cyclonic suction system you will save time in cleaning for use in other tasks or leisure. Its delta-shaped design makes it easy to reach corners and other hard-to-reach corners.

It has a “parking” position that allows you to stop cleaning at any time without having to look for a support or a wall to leave it.

No more back pain when vacuuming; With its 1.20 meters high you can vacuum without crouching. As for its charging time, it takes about 10 hours to be fully charged.

If you are in search of the best vacuum cleaner broom for 150 euros, then you should give the Rowenta Air Force Extreme RH8771 vacuum cleaner model a chance, and know its advantages and disadvantages:


Autonoma: Until now this has been the biggest feature of the vacuum cleaners in this list, because, like its competitors this model also works with batteries without the need for any type of wiring, giving you ease of transport and freedom of movement.

Storage : Another point in favor for this team is that it has a deposit capable of storing up to 0.9 liters, so you can use it quietly without using bags, and vacuuming without worrying about emptying the tank every so often.

Height: It also fits mention that it measures 1.20 meters, so you will not have to worry about being bent without any need, or back pain.


Battery: The biggest point against this equipment is that it takes up to 10 hours for it to fully charge its battery.

Vacuum: The vacuum only sucks dust, so it does not suck small waste, paper, hair, among other things, this according to the opinion of the users.

Electrolux Zb3012

This Electrolux model is a 2 in 1, since it also fulfills the function of hand vacuum cleaner to clean the upholstery, the car, and other surfaces besides the floor.

With four hours of charge it will be ready to work autonomously. It has a function that allows cleaning the brush of the vacuum cleaner with just pressing a pedal.

Regardless of whether you have one type of floor or another, whether you have carpets or not, this vacuum cleaner will serve you with great efficiency. Thanks to the power is adjustable, you can clean all surfaces without damaging them. Its 180º turn allows you to reach those difficult places under beds or furniture.

As accessories it has a special nozzle for narrow places and a brush for the upholstery and delicate areas. With the LED light you will be able to see better the sites that have dirt and that are not so visible.

If you still have doubts about which vacuum cleaner you can buy, it will never hurt to take a look at the pros and cons of this model, Electrolux ZB3012:


Multifunction: Not only works as a vacuum cleaner, but also has the function of vacuum hand, so it will make the tasks of aspirado.

Autonomy: Much easier, also works without wiring, so it is completely independent and works thanks to its 19 volt battery, taking only four hours to recharge and be ready to work as new.

Functions: Not only has the function of 180 degrees for those difficult places, but also has LED lights with which you can light those sites dark and thus perform a better task.


Battery: According to some users, a point against this equipment is that its battery is not long-lasting; in fact it can last only 10 minutes after continuous use, which translates into a disadvantage.

Storage: On the other hand, it should be mentioned that its deposit is only 0.5 liters, so it is necessary to empty it constantly, since its full suction level is low.



This Dyson broom vacuum cleaner is manufactured to work with a power of 350 watts, being perhaps a little lower compared to other models on the market. However, this is because said vacuum cleaner is wireless, that is, it does not require any type of connection to an external power source for its operation, using only the power of its battery to work.

Despite this, it is able to provide the user with two levels of suction; one “normal” counting with a power of 28 AW, while its option of “boost” or “high” suction has a power of 100 AW. Depending on the type of surface you plan to inhale or the time you want to finish the task, you can choose between one option or another, knowing in advance that the high level consumes more energy and therefore discharges the battery in less time.


Being a vacuum cleaner broom wireless, which can also be used as a hand vacuum, has a deposit of up to 0.4 liters capacity, which is not large, but not small. With it it is possible to cover a large area before needing to empty it; however, this may vary depending on the dirt in the room at the time of aspiration.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of your deposit is that it is transparent and thanks to this feature you will be able to know how much space is left or if it is fair and necessary to make an immediate emptying. Likewise, its emptying and cleaning are simple tasks, given that to throw away the dust and the aspirate simply you must press a button to release it. It’s that easy; a fast and hygienic activity that does not require more effort.


Although it was previously mentioned, this model works by means of a battery and not by means of a plug, for this reason it is a wireless device. It should be mentioned that of its two levels of suction, the normal level is designed to be used for a period of 20 minutes before requiring a load, while its level “boost” or high has a duration of 6 minutes.

Also, it is a multifunction vacuum cleaner to include accessories such as a carpet brush and a corner, which will give you greater freedom of movement to reach places that would be difficult to aspirate with the common brush.

On the other hand, it includes a charging base that can be installed comfortably on the wall, so that after each use you can place the vacuum cleaner in its place and have it ready at the time you want to use it again.

A practical vacuum cleaner, simple and with multiple functions at your fingertips.

How to use a vacuum cleaner broom

For those who are bored of passing the broom and prefer to maintain control of the cleanliness of their home, having a broom vacuum cleaner is a good alternative. A cleaning device that facilitates this process, saving you time and hassle to leave your home clean, with less effort and work. Let’s see how is the process of cleaning with these vacuum cleaners.

Execution of cleaning

The main advantage of a broom vacuum cleaner is that you only have to move the product across the floor to clean it. The brushes included are responsible for lifting the dirt, so that you only have to give a simple pass to remove dirt. In soft soils or on carpets, you may have to pass some more, although the accessories often simplify the cleaning process.

Choose the power

Some vacuum cleaners have different levels of power and speed, adjustable according to the soil and the existing dirt. If necessary, you will have an additional speed with which to clean the floor more effectively. However, do not abuse too much of this maximum power, since it reduces the autonomy time of the battery and, therefore, requires a more frequent load of it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: I do not know which broom vacuum cleaner is better, Bosch or Rowenta. What do you recommend?

If there is a pioneer in the vacuum cleaner broom market that is Rowenta. It is the brand that opened the category with its first products and is still the most leading company with elements such as its diamond-shaped brushes, which make it easier to get to the corners and more complicated places with little effort.

And while it is true that Bosch products are subject to continuous improvement, with increasing power and cleaning capacity, it is also true that the Rowenta models are one step ahead. However, we recommend that you compare prices and specific needs, since you do not need to spend too much for having the latest and a simpler Bosch model can be more than enough.

Q2: I want to know how it works and what a vacuum cleaner broom is for.

As its name suggests, the broom vacuum cleaner is a fusion between the traditional broom and the traditional sledge vacuum cleaner, so that now, when it comes to sweeping, not only do we remove dirt from the ground, but we also pick it up directly when vacuuming. Its operation is based on a large brush, with several rotating elements inside, which are responsible for lifting and rubbing the dirt on the floor and take it to the storage where it is stored until we decide to empty it.

Its operation is very simple and light and due to the power of the aspiration it is complicated that the remains found on the ground resist, which allows us to save time and effort when cleaning the floor of our home. They even have accessories for hard floors, pet hair and other complex works depending on the type of vacuum cleaner chosen.

Q3: How do I clean a broom vacuum cleaner?

The cleaning of a broom vacuum cleaner is a process that we must perform with certain frequency depending on what the product instructions tell us, which are the basis for good maintenance. First, it is necessary to empty the dirt filter, which usually has a push button to remove it from the body of the broom and to empty it in the trash. It is also necessary to wash the internal filter of the tank with certain frequency, so that it maintains its suction capacity without problems. The more frequently the vacuum cleaner is used and with dirt of smaller granulometry or diameter, the more frequently it should be cleaned. On the other hand, this deposit must also be cleaned with water to remove dust and dirt that may accumulate from its walls. Do not forget to clean the brushes and other accessories to remove the lint and other debris that may stick and reduce its effectiveness. And to clean the body of the broom, just pass a damp cloth with which you can easily remove the dust and other debris from it easily.

Q4: I have to empty my broom vacuum cleaner, but I do not know how to do it. How do I do it?

To empty the tank of your broom vacuum cleaner first it is necessary to remove it from the main body. Since each vacuum cleaner is a world, as always it is best to consult the instructions on how to do it beforehand. In any case, the usual thing is that inside the body of the broom you have a push button that will help you to be able to extract the deposit from the main body of the broom. In case it is a 2-in-1 model, which joins broom vacuum cleaner and hand vacuum cleaner, this button will release the part of the hand vacuum cleaner. Once the deposit is loose, it is advisable to see if it is closed or not, since if the deposit is left open, it must be handled carefully so as not to spill the powder. If it is closed it is easier to take it to the garbage and empty it properly. Remember that you must never force the plastic parts of the tank and the body of the product to avoid damage to it or the breakage of any of the brackets or fastening tabs of the equipment.

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