The Best Refrigerator – Buying Guide, Reviews and Opinions in 2018

When we look for a new refrigerator, we must know exactly what we want, to make our investment successful. Among the most important aspects to consider are the size, functions and use of energy. If you already have all the necessary information and only need to choose the right model, we present the two most valuable options of the moment. First of all we find the refrigerator Balay 3KFI7661, a model of high range and low consumption that offers multiple functions. If the first proposal is not what you are looking for, Bosch KGN33X71 may convince you, as it is also highly recommended by customers.

What is the best refrigerator on the market?

Despite being one of the most important appliances in a home, and with a constant use on a daily basis, we often do not know in depth the qualities that a refrigerator should have to meet our requirements. There is a lot to keep in mind before choosing a device like this. That’s why we present you with a guide that will make it easier for you to make a smart decision to buy the best refrigerator the market can offer you.

Size / Space

The first thing to consider and be clear is the space where the refrigerator will go, and from there verify the measurements (width, height and depth) of any model that interests you. It is essential not to fail in this step; once you know the product will fit, you can dedicate yourself to examine in detail the internal space of the refrigerator. There are a large number of models with various provisions of cabinets, compartments, pull-out trays or removable drawers that can facilitate or hinder the access you have to food.

Even the shape of the doors is a decisive factor for comfort when using your refrigerator. Think about whether you want a spacious freezer; a double door refrigerator can give you that, but you sacrifice a little space for products that do not go in the freezer. The decision to have a freezer up or down will depend on whether you want everything at eye level, or whether you prefer a complete view of what is stored. Keep in mind that the freezer above are the conventional models, ergo, are usually more accessible.

The number of compartments is paramount, especially if you want to keep the space neat and avoid mixing flavors and odors. Choose refrigerators that allow you to keep the fruits separated from the vegetables. If you are one of the people who keeps their bottles in the internal sections of the door, notice that they have the appropriate height and better yet, if they can be adjusted, you will be taking advantage of each area of ​​the refrigerator.

When you think about the internal space, analyze the frequency with which you go shopping; this will determine if you need extra storage, if so, you can always choose to install a cabinet refrigerator, which can easily go under a ceiling or on the kitchen island; in addition they have become a very modern alternative, nevertheless, these can be a little expensive.


Do not be fooled by purely decorative qualities; such as color. However, the finish of the materials is important; stainless steel is perhaps the best choice in terms of durability and elegance. If what you are interested in is a device with personality in vibrant colors, more like a retro style, you can also get them in the market, but only in specialized stores and these can cost up to three times more than a common refrigerator.

While it is nice to have a water dispenser on the door, do not be fooled by them; these involve maintenance that can become more expense and mean a considerable reduction of the internal storage space.

Innovation has now enabled our appliances to be considered as intelligent devices; with alarms that warn you if the door was not closed properly, this way you will be avoiding the waste of energy and helping to keep the products. New technologies also offer refrigerators with humidity control and cooling by areas, so you can keep your food at the right temperature and humidity level. Among other advances you can get in the refrigerator market, there is the option of an energy backup for several hours, in case of a power failure, this will help to conserve better food in that time frame.

Power usage

Although it may seem little noticeable, this information can help you lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle without losing your comforts, as well as save significantly on your electricity bill. Do not forget that the larger the equipment, the higher the electricity consumption. Always look for the label that teaches you which category of savings you are in: A and A + are the best indicator that the device you are about to buy represents between 20% and 30% of energy savings. Do not worry, they will not stop being more efficient. They are designed to fulfill the same functions but consuming less energy. This is how technology works.

What is the best refrigerator of 2017?

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances, both because of its function, and because it has to be in operation 24 hours a day. Do you want to know how to buy the refrigerator with best value for money?

Below, a brief description of the best refrigerators of 2017, will help you to choose better.

Balay 3KFI7661

Main advantage:
It has multiple spaces, departments and accessories that help organize food and keep them in the right place for easy access. It is fridge and freezer at the same time.

Main disadvantage:
This model does not have any particular disadvantage, however, it is of great height to measure 186 centimeters of height requiring high ceilings for its location.


This refrigerator has dimensions of 185 centimeters of height by 60 centimeters of width by 60 centimeters of depth, reason why it is a equipment with great size and is that it counts on 287 liters of net capacity, since even in the rough treats 330 liters. The truth is that you can only get to use 287 liters. Now, since it is divided into refrigerators and freezers, the first one has a capacity of up to 221 liters, while the second has a range of up to 66 liters adding up to 287 liters net.

Even though it is a tall equipment, it will not matter its location since its swing door is reversible, that is, whether you want it to open to the left or to the right, you will simply have to make the modification and change the place door, not being the structure of your house or kitchen a disadvantage to purchase this refrigerator that, if that were not enough, includes multiple accessories to facilitate the shelter of food, such as: egg cups, drawers, ice bucket, and even a shed.


In addition to being a model that has a refrigerator and freezer, it also has multiple functions that the user will love. One of them is your “No Frost” option where it will not matter how cold the freezer is, no ice will be generated on the walls or the refrigerator door.

On the other hand, it has LED lighting to know the temperature of both the refrigerator and the freezer even when you are in the dark. Likewise, in case you plan to do a general cleaning or are in the process of moving, the equipment includes a defrost system to go off everything slowly without the food being affected in large quantity.

Also, in case of a blackout, it is good to know that the equipment has an autonomy of up to 14 hours so you can be at peace during those 14 hours since your food will not be affected until then.

Energy consumption

The energy consumption of appliances today is a point that should not be touched, not only by nature, but the greater the consumption, the higher the bill at the end of the month. This is why this refrigerator brand Balay was designed under a model of low consumption, even counting with a certificate of energy efficiency A +, ie the highest level in what refers to the table, meaning that the consumption of the equipment is minimum.

On the other hand, according to users, this model is not noisy while in operation, so it will not be a nuisance in the kitchen and you can regulate the temperature independently of both the refrigerator and the freezer so that it does not affect to the other or vice versa.

Bosch KGN33X71

To keep your food in good condition, always fresh and available nothing better than the Bosch KGN33X71 refrigerator. This product is also designed to fit in almost any standard cabinet with a height of 170 centimeters. However, this does not affect its capacity, which is 252 liters in total, with a net capacity of 66 liters for the freezer and 186 liters in the refrigerator area.

The various drawers, trays and other elements, next to the drawers of the freezer, help us to organize the space to our preference taking full advantage of it. The defrost function will save you time to clean the refrigerator while the ice cube dispenser will be useful to avoid spills and problems with traditional trays. Finally the finish in shiny aluminum anti-fingerprint that crowns its construction will give a very elegant touch to your kitchen.


Energy class: the energy class A + available in the refrigerator offers a reduced consumption of only 280 kilowatts per year, which is a remarkable aid in the receipt of light.

Multi Airflow System: The Airflow airflow system helps to cool food more efficiently while avoiding bad smells in the refrigerator.

Ice cube dispenser: The inner cube dispenser avoids the problems of ice trays making it easy to have cubes at all times.

Defrost function: the defrost function cuts the flow to the freezer to thaw or clean it without emptying the whole refrigerator.


Glass trays: Some users mention that glass trays are somewhat delicate and should be handled with care.


Samsung RB31FERNDSSOther proposal as best refrigerator is this Samsung model. One of its most important characteristics is that it is 100% modulable which means that you can adjust the heights according to your needs.

Its removable tray allows you to slide it to organize and reach the food at your convenience. In other refrigerators pull something that is in the back is a challenge.

It also has 0ºC drawer that is perfect to maintain the freshness of meats and fish. It also offers the possibility to choose a cold (3ºC) mode that is very convenient to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. It also has a built-in antibacterial system.

It has a removable basket in which you can place sauces, the advantage is that you can remove it from the refrigerator to place it on the table or on the kitchen bench if you need it. The shelves of the door are wider so the bottles and jars fit perfectly.

This model of Samsung has been located as possibly the best refrigerator for 500 euros that you could acquire:


Capacity: The highlight of this model is that it offers us a capacity of 331 liters, so we will have plenty of space to be able to locate all our food and keep them always cool and cool.

Materials: It is also necessary to mention that this Samsung refrigerator is manufactured with stainless steel linings, which guarantee its strength and durability over time in addition to an attractive household appliance.

Accessories: And besides, the RB31FERNDSS, has an external LED screen that will allow you to visualize the temperature and other information about your refrigerator.


It does not include drawers: As a negative point we have the fact that, unlike our previous model, the refrigerator Samsung RB31FERNDSS does not have the special drawers to keep food fresh for longer but a series of compartments called “fresh zone”.


This refrigerator is pure technology, probably the most valuable feature is its energy efficiency that makes it a product that takes care of the environment while also taking care of your pocket by having a very controlled electricity consumption, up to 25% less than an A + refrigerator. Having this refrigerator can mean very important savings of money in your electricity bill if you project it to a medium and long term.

This refrigerator has an area that has a lower temperature than the rest, it is a useful drawer 0º in which fresh meats, fish and sausages can be better preserved without needing to freeze. Also remember that it is recommended to thaw the products in the refrigerator and this drawer is the best place to preserve meat or fish once thawed until consumed.

It has two alarms that will be very useful to you, with this refrigerator there is no risk of leaving the door open for you to spend electricity unnecessarily because if by mistake or omission is left open or badly closed after a few seconds an alarm will start ringing it will also sound if for some reason the refrigerator temperature is not what it is supposed to have.

Having the best refrigerator at home is a key to being able to live well as this appliance is responsible for storing and maintaining our food at the correct temperature. Learn more about this Bosch model:


Alarms: One of the most appreciated features of this model is that it has a series of safety alarms designed to warn you when the door is poorly closed so that you can avoid defrosting or spoiling the device.

Technologies: In addition, Bosch incorporates new technologies in this large refrigerator with No Frost, which is responsible for avoiding the extreme freezing of food so you save time and effort when you need to cook something.

Systems: It also stands out in the part of the systems incorporated to have the MultiAirFlow the one that ensures that the circulation of air of the refrigerator flows of constant way in all the levels of this one in order that all the foods have the same temperature and thus avoid cold spots.

News: In addition, the Bosch KGN36XI32 incorporates two special drawers; the Chiller Box 0 ° C, designed to keep foodstuffs fresh longer such as meat and fish and the Chisper Box, designed for fruits and vegetables.

Indesit NCAA 55 NX

Among the best inexpensive refrigerators, we have chosen this Indesit model with an A + energy rating.

Your freezer has four compartments with the Superfreeze cooling system and the refrigerator with 2 grids plus 2 drawers for the fruit and vegetable and the three shelves of the door. This model incorporates an antibacterial system that will provide greater hygiene to your food, which we are sure you value for the health of your family.

All models of Indesit refrigerators are A +, estimated to consume 20% less than Class A. Its exterior finish in stainless steel will make it look very elegant in any kitchen, whatever its size and decoration.

Here’s more details on this excellent Indesit refrigerator:


Design: One of the positive features of this model is that it has a fairly modern design with stainless steel finishes that make it very attractive to the eye as well as being durable and durable.

Capacity: And it is also necessary to mention that it has a capacity of 217 liters, so it will be ideal for small apartments or couples without children as it offers you the right space for your food.


No display: As a negative aspect we have the fact that it is missing the presence of an external display that allows us to know the state and temperature of our refrigerator.

Without dispenser: Another negative found is the fact that this refrigerator does not have external water dispenser so if you want to drink water, you must perform the old task of opening the hatch and serve from the jar.

Teka FT3 310

This is a refrigerator with freezer on top, a single compartment, but with large capacity as a refrigerator. It’s an American type fridge. This model of Teka has an A + category in terms of energy efficiency, and is characterized by:

In case of power failure, the freezer has a range of 21 hours, this is an aspect to consider since it will prevent damage to the products that are in the freezer.

It has reversible doors, not all refrigerators have this characteristic and in many houses given the distribution in the kitchen it is essential to be able to open to the left and not vice versa as usual.

You will have at your disposal a large drawer to store fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh. In addition, it has automatic defrost function which will save you work and time in this work.

If you are intent on saving, you should know that this Teka FT3 310 is among the cheapest refrigerators:


Thermostat: The highlight of this model of refrigerator is that it has a thermostat designed to allow you to effectively regulate the temperature of it so that you can activate the most suitable for the type of food you put inside.

Trays: In addition, the Teka FT3 310 has a series of built-in safety trays, made entirely of glass that you could place at different levels if you need to store large items in your refrigerator.


No bottle rack: As a negative aspect we have the fact that it does not have a bottle rack so you should place the bottles horizontally or carefully in the door trays.

No antibacterial function: And it is necessary to mention that it does not have an antibacterial function for foods, so it is recommended to wash everything that is consumed before doing so.

Balay 3KF6400B

The best refrigerator is this Balay model, combi style and excellent value for money.

It has an energy category A + with functions of great utility such as freezing fast or thawing that will save you a lot of time and money.

When you make the purchase or you have to store large amount of food to freeze, a normal refrigerator would see as the temperature of the freezer increases which is not suitable for other foods that are frozen, this refrigerator allows you to activate the function of “super freezer” a few hours earlier to avoid this problem.

It has two drawers so you can keep fruits and vegetables in better condition and separated, as well as two other shelves that you can regulate to your taste and need.

The freezer has ice cubes and three compartments so you can store your food according to the criteria you want, for example, meats separated from fish, or sort according to the dates on which the products have been frozen or purchased.

And if you are not yet sure which refrigerator to buy, we recommend that you know a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of this 3Kf6400B from Balay:


Capacity: As a main advantage of this model we have its capacity, which rises to 291 liters, making it a convenient and convenient refrigerator that will allow you to store and keep your food cold.

Energy: As a second advantage we must mention that the Balay 3KF6400B is an energy class A + refrigerator, which will allow you to save energy and avoid extra expenses in order to take care of the planet.


It does not have a screen: It is necessary to mention that this model does not have external screen incorporated so you will not be able to know the temperature to which it is working without opening it.

Color: As next negative point we have the color with which the refrigerator was manufactured because, currently, many users prefer a stainless steel appliance as it is more aesthetic and durable.

Balay 3KFI7661

It is a refrigerator capable of storing 330 liters of contents inside, so that it is ideal for storing a series of foods, and extending the sanitary time of them. It has a lighting system that will help you to have good visibility at night, as well as a double door to just open the area where you find the food you are looking for, without needing to escape the cold in vain.

As for noise production, the device only generates 44 decibels, so it will not disturb your kitchen, and in some cases may go unnoticed. Its internal structure facilitates the localization of food, and integrates various spaces ideal for certain food groups such as an egg cup, a bottle rack, some ice cubes, a drawer for fruits and vegetables and even a food thawing system.

It belongs to the classification of energy consumption A +, so it consumes energy efficiently, and the doors are reversible, thus improving the experience of use.


Capacity: You can store about 330 liters inside so you can store a good amount of food to keep them in good condition for a longer time.

Consumption: Classified under the A + label, it is ideal if you want to collaborate with the environment, and take advantage of artifacts that offer better performance, using less electricity compared to others.

Structure: It is structured with various compartments and spaces for a fast location and food location, with an egg cup, cubiters, vegetable area, bottle rack, etc, with a split and two reversible doors.

Lighting: It has a simple LED lighting system, which helps to improve visibility at night when you need to look for some food or drink.

Silent: It will not generate sonic pollution, since its noise production barely reaches 44 decibels, so it will not disturb the other people that are around.

How to properly use a refrigerator

It is important to know and take full advantage of the use of these appliances, not only to postpone the premature fermentation of food and beverages, but also to prevent the formation of microorganisms in them and even reduce the risk of foodborne diseases that were not stored in the correct way. Depending on the type of food this is what should be done for each case:

Meat and fish

They are the most perishable foods, therefore, if they are to be refrigerated they are usually the ones that require to be located in the levels with lower temperatures. It is recommended to place them in the lower drawers or lower parts of the refrigerator so that their liquids do not contaminate other foods and make it easier to clean if it occurs.

Freezing of meat

If they are to be frozen, you should try to remove the largest amount of liquid from each piece for better storage and in the appropriate containers such as albal paper and airtight bags. The maximum storage time for each type of meat can vary from 3 months to a maximum of one year.


For this the most important thing to know is what type of food to keep them better and what not. For example, we should avoid refrigerating citrus, tomatoes, aubergines and bananas; on the contrary, we should store root vegetables or legumes in the refrigerator.


Most fruits and vegetables can be frozen without any problem. As with meats, they should be well clean and without excess water. There are some of these foods that should not be frozen because of the large amount of water for which they are composed, for example: citrus, melons and apples.

Dairy and Eggs

Dairy products should always be kept refrigerated in the central part of the refrigerator and can even be frozen in large containers because their volume will increase in this process. For the case of eggs their refrigeration is usually carried out on the refrigerator door because it is the coolest place in the refrigerator; likewise, they can be frozen without problems, only taking the foresight to eliminate previously their shell.


It can be used to deep clean the refrigerator every time it is turned off to remove bad smells and dirt from inside. Likewise, it is suggested to periodically shut down refrigerators whose freezing areas accumulate ice, thus preventing large amounts of ice from forming and cleaning becomes more complicated.

Basic rules of use

The refrigerator should never be too full, allowing air to circulate through food without problems. Of course, it is recommended that the freezers themselves are considerably full, as this decreases the consumption of electricity a bit. Finally, wait a reasonable amount of time before storing hot foods inside the refrigerator to avoid temperature rises that can affect other foods.

The most popular brands

Today there is no house in which a refrigerator is missing. But despite the small importance we give, choosing a good refrigerator for our home makes a difference: difference in the quality of food preservation and the cost in our electric bill. For that election to be smart we invite you to know three major brands in the sector with which your purchase will always be a success


The German manufacturer Robert Bosch, better known as Bosch, is a German conglomerate initially dedicated to the manufacture of electrical products of all kinds, but has expanded its operations to other products such as appliances. In its catalog we find products as diverse as drills, electric differentials, automotive components or the refrigerators that occupy this article. The company was founded in 1886 and although it suffered remarkably the consequences of the Second World War, it knew to recover and to go little by little recovering the lost space until becoming the great company that is today. In his catalog of electrical appliances we can find washing machines, kitchen plates or their refrigerators. Their designs include technologies like Airflow, which keep food fresh longer, or LED lighting that saves energy and prevents heat inside it. We can also highlight the side by side refrigerators, which have a double door system and built-in ice dispenser with which to have more interior space and to better organize food.


Founded in 1951 by Bayona and Lairla, the company Balay arises in Zaragoza being its first product the electric stove. Before, he had already worked on copper and sheet metal and the manufacture of electronic components. Over the years the company was incorporating new companies for certain industrial processes and launching novelties as the first automatic washer, created in 1966. However the Asian crisis hit hard the company that faced the seriousness of the situation was sold to the group BSH, a subsidiary of Bosch in Spain. However the company has maintained its own structure and factories, betting strongly on its own technological development. Entering your refrigerator offer, in the range of Balay find models of all sizes, both with and without built-in freezer, depending on what you may need. The company also has a wide catalog of integrated refrigerators, adapted to the standard measures of a kitchen and in which the door can go unnoticed when confused with the door of a kitchen cabinet.


The Samsung multinational was founded in South Korea in 1938, mainly as a company dedicated to the export of all kinds of products, mainly foodstuffs. Over the years, the company changed its course by creating its Samsung Electronics division in 1969, which together with the rest of the group’s companies nowadays produce 17% of the country’s GDP. Among its products include the launch of the first plasma TVs, as well as its ranges of mobile phones and tablets, highly appreciated among consumers.

The same thing happens with his line of appliances, more recent in its appearance. Products like its refrigerators, in which it governs the simplicity and the sobriety, with designs in elegant aluminum anti-footprint or the traditional white lacquered, offering great capacity and a reduced consumption of energy. Also it emphasizes his proposal of mini frigo, that counts as much with models for traditional minibar as others thought for small homes, offering a high capacity in an adjusted space.

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