CrazyHowTo: How to Do a Tabata Workout

We have already talked about high intensity interválico training or HIIT and the Tabata method is within this modality of work. Today we show you how to perfect your training Tabata and thus, achieve a body fit in a short time.

How to do the Tabata method?

The Tabata method is an intense, intermittent and short-duration training. To apply this type of training, we must choose an exercise and perform for 20 seconds, as many repetitions as possible, then we must respect a rest of 10 seconds and continue 7 more series.

That is, the method Tabata consists of performing 8 sets of 20 seconds each, with the greatest number of repetitions at this time, with 10 seconds rest between them.

Thus, in just 4 minutes we achieved an intense, short training that produces real results.

While we can apply the Tabata method with any exercise, we will achieve greater intensity and a more complete work with less overload in a single muscle and lower risk of injury, if we use movements involving more than a single muscle group, ie with basic exercises . For example, we can use to train with the method Tabata, squats, pushups, strides or dominated.

Advantages of High Intensity Interval Training

Among the main advantages of working for a short time, with intervals with brief breaks between each other, and above all at maximum intensity, we find the possibility of simultaneously improving the aerobic system as well as the anaerobic system.

That is, not only help improve cardiovascular endurance but also, we will release more testosterone and growth hormone, achieving greater muscular endurance and anaerobic capacity.

As if that were not enough, we can increase our metabolism greatly by achieving greater caloric expenditure, not only while training, but also being at rest.

All these advantages can be obtained by training at very high intensity as required by the Tabata method.

How to Improve Your Training Tabata

If you want to use this training mode with high intensity intervals, we recommend to take into account the following tips to perfect your training Tabata and put the body in shape in a short time:

  • If you use cargo, use 50 to 75% of the load you usually use, as it is a more intense and demanding mode.
  • Better to have the help of a partner, to control the number of repetitions we make in each series and to tell us when to go from series to rest and vice versa, so that we do not have to watch for a clock. But, a good partner can be a timer like these online examples that help to train at intervals.
  • Better not to use it every day because of its high intensity, as you can complement the training Tabata one or even twice a week with moderate intensity training and longer duration.
  • It is better not to let go of the load you work with, so that we do not pass the rest time and keep our concentration on the method. So, if you work with dumbbells, do not release them in the rest seconds.
  • Control your progress by recording how many repetitions you make per set and if you manage to increase that amount, you will be beating record.
  • If you do it next to the usual routine, leave it to the end, because it is a very exhausting workout that will not allow you to do anything else.
  • Remember that it is a very demanding workout, so if you do not feel empowered, do not do it. In addition, it is not suitable for anyone, but prior to its execution, we recommend performing a maximum effort test and a medical checkup to ensure that we are fit for this.

With these tips you can make good use of the Tabata method to achieve a fit body in a short time, since you will not need more than 4 minutes to work hard.

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