Top 10 Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers In 2017

Xbox 360 was released in November 2005 proving to be a tough rival for the other video gaming console. This being the only console that sold out completely upon their release worldwide, except in Japan. The unique features of Xbox 360 includes its expanded Live service, the access to stream and purchase multimedia content through Xbox music and Xbox store services, along with access to third party  media streaming. Apart from that, it is one of the revolutionary video gaming consoles to have an excellent graphic quality and a detachable hardware.

Xbox 360 accessories are considers being one of the treasured accessories of a gamer.  Even after years of its release, it is the most sort after marvel of every gamer. It proves to be better durable to that of its rivals and its versatility and compatibility to third party accessories has made it even more endearing to gamers of all cadres. Tired with the controller it came with? There are several refined controllers that is available in stores ranking among the best in purchase this year. They are lasting, fun and appealing to play with and, without a doubt, powerful. Here are the best ones to choose from;

1.Xbox 360 wireless controller

This Microsoft product tops the list with its classic glossy black appearance. This is considered to be the best available in the market. With every purchase, you get a powerful 2.4GHz wireless technology with a 20 foot response range. It has an added left and right shoulder button, making it easier for the gamers. Added, it has a long lasting battery power and an adjustable vibration feedback.

2.Microsoft B4F00014 Xbox 360 wireless controller

Microsoft B4F00014 is ranked among the top wireless controllers of all time. Mastering in its functional and comfort design, it has a high-performance gaming pad with 30 foot range and an impressive battery life 40 hours. It is durable and is considered to be quite handy and portable avoiding cluttering of wires during travel. It has remarkable and responsive controlling features. They are considered to be bit on the economical end for the gamers.

3.Microsoft Xbox 360 limited edition Chrome series wireless controller

As it states this one is a limited edition gadget, so grab it when it comes to your pick. These are easy to use and handles low and fast paced action game smooth. It is shiny black and is ergonomic. It has a well-designed platform fitting comfortably in the hand. They had a grip and do not slip easy due to the thumb sticks. The seamlessly shiny texture adds the overall value. Adding to this, it has a reversible D-pad design.

4.Green glow in dark Xbox 360 game controller

This gaming gadget is perfect for the night gamers. Unlike the cotemporary gaming consoles made of regular hard plastic made of high grade silicon. This unique green themed gadget glows in the dark. It is affordable and is also washable; you don’t have to worry about being sweaty anymore.  They are easy to handle, designed to fit most of the Xbox controllers. It is sensitive than the contemporary and is well designed to fit in your hand.

5.Innovation Xbox green controller

This green controller is also green themed, works better than the standard Xbox 360 controllers. It is ergonomic and sensitive, its smooth touch buttons giving it a better hold and fun to play. It has a better grip than the rest, restraining it from slipping from hand.  The buttons and joystick are well spaced and provides a better comfortable gaming experience.

6.Microsoft Xbox one special edition wireless controller

This aesthetic and high performance accessory gets you to the edge of your seat. This is a special edition Lunar white controller, providing an impressive look. Apart from the aesthetic feature, it is designed with an impulse trigger delivering a superior vibration feedback to finger tips whenever there is high impact in the game. It has a quick accessbumper and triggers added to the notable navigation features. The best part is, it comes with a built in 3.5 stereo headset jack.

7.Logitech Xbox cordless precision controller

This controller by Logitech is a designed for high intensity and precision gaming. It has a high speed wireless system of 2.4GHz justifying to be a gadget of everyday has an advanced feature of lowering interference from other wireless devices in the is one of the most preferred choice among the gamers around the world with its  accurate vibration feedbacks, its ability to offer lag-free performance also the main receiver being small, making it easier connecting to the gaming console. It provides freedom of  wireless gaming.

8.Xbox one special edition forza motorsport 6 wireless controller

This special edition is a light and ergonomic design that works well with both the novice and professional equally. It is designed with a slip resistant plastic case and the well placed buttons making it comfy for the gamers. It is better affordable to the other special editions. Its diamond gripped outer surface along with the rubberized texture boosts its controlling power.  Its impulse triggers are better fitted delivering extraordinary fingertip vibration feedback.

9.Datel Xbox 360 turbo fire 2 wireless controller

This popular Datel controller is designed with sever innovative features. The high grade plastic casing is durable, ergonomic and  lacks physical irritants making it popular among the gaming enthusiast across the globe. Apart from the ergonomic aspect, kit has LEDs that illuminate during the dark. This well-made gaming accessory has a programmable rapid fire that can be used on demand. It also has an integrated headset port.

10.Hydro dipped grave red skull wireless controller

This Xbox 360 exclusive game controller is a hydro gripped grave by  ModFreakz. It is a themed gaming controller more like that of a personalized version. It is red skull themed with ergonomic design and fits comfy in has a unique fade free feature apart from the to no smudge, moisture free when in use.

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