The Best Xbox One Wheel in 2018

Car video games are much better enjoyed with a steering wheel. This accessory, in addition to giving you greater control, fills your racing reality and speed, so you can not miss if you have aXbox One Wheel. We tell you what you need to know about the features of these wheel so you select the best and you forget to play with the annoying control of the console. Just buckle up and win on the track!

The market offers a few basic economic models with few functions, even some more sophisticated that make the experience more real, as if you were walking in your own car. Your choice will depend on what you are looking for and the budget you have available to invest.

What you should know before buying a steering Xbox One Wheel? There are several basic features that need attention. We start with the size of the device and the degrees of rotation that can be achieved, because with these characteristics it is guaranteed to get as close to reality as possible. Higher rotation will give a better steering wheel. There are also some models with force feedback that makes them vibrate in the event of a bump or other car, which is more like real life.

The more advanced Xbox One wheel can bring other accessories such as the pedal system to clutch, accelerate and brake. Obviously, with a flyer of this type you will have a realistic experience, but you will have to invest more money.

There are many models, colors and sizes of wheel that are achieved, but with the occasion of this comparison we have chosen the best three in the market according to their characteristics and the opinions of the users who have tried them. In this section there are options for all your needs and budgets, so there will be no excuses for you to start enjoying much more of the car races on your video game console.

The Best Xbox One Wheel in 2017

Recommended Products

Logitech G920 Driving Force

This sophisticated model is designed to run and get away. It has all the features you need to make your skills an unmatched experience. Its rotation of 900 degrees is identical to that of a real car and allows to make two turns and a half in the curves. In addition it offers a force feedback with two motors so that you feel vibration effect of the tires in the turns, the potholes, the type of terrain and in case of shock.

Its helical gear design reduces noise and unwanted vibration and improves control. To top it off, it comes with a separate pedal system so you drive comfortably, as if you were in a car. And you can also integrate a six-speed driving force shift lever.

The advanced features of this model are complemented by quality materials: the steering wheel shaft has steel bearings and is lined in leather, while the levers and pedals are made of stainless steel. A good choice that also works for PC.



Thrustmaster Leather TX Add-On

Users also recommend this Xbox One Wheel because they have experimented with it enjoyable experiences in their video games. It includes a pedal combo with clutch, brake and accelerator and also comes with a metal fixing system easy to install on any desk or table to run on any track and win every race.

This steering wheel is made of quality black leather and has a force feedback that makes it vibrate in case of some difficult terrain or when an accident occurs. It also offers 65,536 values ​​on the steering axle with which you will experience luxurious sensations at every turn.

Not only serves on Xbox One, it is also compatible with PC. Users ensure that with this accessory it is impossible not to get into the race fully, because it is designed to provide real experiences and is very easy to configure. They are also in accordance with their excellent quality / price ratio.


Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

We close the recommendations of Xbox One Wheel with this modest model in terms of its functions, but also can give you an interesting gaming experience on your console for a low price. If you are looking for one of these accessories that do not fail and do not want to spend a lot of money, this option will be the most successful.

It has an exclusive design that resembles a real one, with rubber in black and red colors and the cams are made of metal. In terms of its functionalities, it stands out an adequate rotation with good resistance to the turns in the curves; as well as pedals capable of holding a long race and making you successful in each course.

Although not equipped with the force feedback system that provides vibration, this steering wheel will make you look at video games of cars with better eyes and do not want to be separated from your console.


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