CrazyHowTo: How To Change Font of Firefox?

How to change fonts in Firefox

The Firefox web browser includes a variety of functions to customize the browsing experience. Some web pages encode specific fonts designed for use, other pages leave it to the browser to decide which typeface to use for text, normal, bold, italic and others. Firefox allows you to change the settings of the two types of pages. Allowing you to specify a predetermined set of fonts and deciding whether to use fonts specified by a web page.

How to change fonts in firefox

Step 1

Open Firefox. Click the Firefox button to open the menu and click Options. In Mac OS X, click the Firefox menu and select the Preferences option.

Step 2

Click the Content tab at the top of the window. Select a default font in general with the default Font drop-down menu. Select a size from the drop-down menu next to the font.

Step 3

Click the Advanced Options button in the Fonts and Colors section to further customize the settings. The Fonts menu allows you to specify fonts for different languages, set to the default operating system language. The Proportional, Serif, Sans-serif and Monospace fields allow you to further customize your preferred fonts and sizes.

Step 4

The Minimum Font Size menu allows you to select the smallest font for a page. Clear the Allow pages to choose their own fonts check box if you do not want to use the recommended fonts for a particular page. Click OK and close the Firefox settings window.

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