CrazyHowTo: How To Optimize Your Laptop

When we are going to play with the computer we want all our resources, all the power and speed of our machine go destined to the games, making our experience in this sense is the best possible. In this way everything that does not add up subtracts, that is to say, all the services and applications that do not use the games, they subtract resources to them. That’s why we are going to see 7 tricks to optimize your laptop for gaming. It is not about getting a miracle, but if small improvements that all together will be noticed in the performance.

Logically the results that we are going to obtain will depend on two factors: the power of the laptop and the requirement of the game. This type of tricks are usually used when our machine meets the requirements to be able to run the game, but it is at the limit so it starts to go a little slower than we would like or there are pauses and jerks in the game. Usually it happens with the games of last generation or the last version of your favorite saga, which are those that usually have a higher hardware requirements.

Antivirus is your enemy

The antivirus is an application that we will always have in operation, which is subtracting resources that can not use our game. Many of today’s antivirus have a game mode, which minimizes their consumption of resources, but we also have the option to disconnect it during the time that our game lasts.

Depending on the resource consumption of our security program the performance difference can be more than remarkable. There are antivirus that use very few resources on a regular basis and others do not have as optimized this aspect. To check it, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and go to the task manager where we can see what it consumes and the difference when we deactivate it.

Close all applications and services you do not need

Many applications and services are started automatically when you log on. Many times we are not even aware of it, but there they are, reducing those precise resources that we need for our game to go smoothly and above all, that do not contribute anything to the game.

Here our task manager will be the perfect ally, since in the Home tab we can see which applications are launched at login and its impact, which mainly influences the speed of start up of the equipment. In the photo above we see that we could remove Bluetooth, everything that has to do with printing services or Google, as we will not be useful during the game.

Use the Ready Boost to increase your memory capacity

Ready Boost is a feature that Windows launched with Windows Vista and allows you to add an external memory to be used by the system. Of course, it will not serve an old USB or SD memory, but it has to have a reading and writing speed at least equal to the one that has your laptop to be able to give an extra life at the speed of execution of your system. Just choose how much memory we want to give to use Windows, always taking into account that you can not use that amount for storage.

Windows and its graphical environment

Windows is just the tool that allows us to run the game. Otherwise we do not need it for anything, the less resources we consume, the better for the speed of our game. Here we can always adjust the graphic environment of the system to choose the best performance option. This we can do from the advanced properties of the system in a simple way.

The graphics card always with updated drivers

Our performance in games depends largely on the graphics card. In this case having the drivers updated is very helpful. In addition, both Nvidia and AMD or Intel usually have applications that allow us to get the best performance to our card, creating even different profiles for each game, which is also helpful to improve this key visual aspect of our gamer experience.

Cool your laptop with a base that gives you fresh air

The components of a computer have optimal working temperatures, so manufacturers often introduce sensors that detect whether your processor or your graphics card is approaching dangerously at the highest temperature limit. At that moment they lower their performance to cool it and not suffer damage. This security measure makes the logistic performance also lower.

To avoid it, nothing better than to place the notebook on a cooling base that will ensure an extra fresh air flow. This measure will be of use both to improve the performance in games and to have a good maintenance of the laptop and that has a longer useful life than if we do not use this type of aid. Simply place your hand on the laptop to see if it improves or not its temperature.

If you find it complicated, use some application that does it for you

Finally, if all this seems too complicated or you think it is not within your reach, there are different programs that can help you improve the performance of your computer, not only for the games but for your day to day. In the case of the gamers, we can create different profiles depending on the needs that we have of resources for our computer. Programs like Game Fire, Razer Game Booster or some as famous as TuneUp Utilities or CCleaner.

Of course it will also help to have a better gaming experience to use the possibilities offered by our laptop to connect other peripherals, from an extra large screen or a projector, a mechanical keyboard or with customizable keys for our game to a mouse for gamers , Which of course help a lot to enjoy our games to the maximum.

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