Top 10 Best Eyebrow Pencil Sets In 2017

One of the prominent features of an individual’s face is their eyebrows (especially for the women). They not only structure your face but also define your forehead and eyes. Shabby eyebrows are the nicest way to ruin your appearance. Well groomed eyebrows often draw attention to your aface along with making your eyes seem bigger. There is a constant change in eyebrow fashion. Gone are those days where thin and arched eyebrows were a trend, the heat now is thick and beautifully arched eyebrows. The simplest way out, maintaining a natural well maintained look. Apart from eyebrows being an eye-catching facial feature, it is also a part of expression. Eyebrows alongside other facial features could convey various expressions. Therefore care should be taken while tweezing your eyebrow. Nobody wants to look surprised all the time!

It is always recommended to shape and maintain of your eyebrows that works best for your face and not against it. Perfectly shaped eyebrows can be catchy, but not all are blessed with one. If you have scarce eyebrows, eyebrow pencils are available to fill in. beautifully filled in eyebrows would boost up to a flawless makeup. Confused on which one to pick? Here are top 10 eyebrow makeup sets that you help you regain your confidence.

1.Lakme eyebrow pencil

Lakme is considered to be one of the pioneers in cosmetics industry. Lakme products are always recommended, especially for the first timers. Lakme eyebrow pencil is smudge and water proof. You don’t have a constant check of your brows, nor have to look funny after a face wash. They are smudge free and don’t give a unnatural look. They aren’t really creamy, they don’t stick. They give a darkened natural eyebrow look. They are also easy to sharpen.


2.Sleek eyebrow pencil

These brown colored brow pencils give a natural look to your brows. They work better when used like feathery strokes to your eyebrows. The color payoff is complimenting to those with black haired eyebrows too. Better effects can be seen when used on a regular basis. Sleek eyebrow pencils aren’t available in stores in India, but they could be brought to your doorsteps.

3.MAC eyebrow pencil

MAC is one of the leading international brands in the world. MAC is one such brand that hardly endorse their product, but gained its popularity with a word of mouth from professional makeup artists, stylists and the like. It has always remained in the top pick of the fashion industry. MAC eyebrow pencil does not give a made-up look. They provide a simple and natural texture to your eyebrows. It stays on for almost a day without being messy. It is pigmented and doesn’t require to be sharpened.

4.Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil

These are ideal brow pencil for those with dense eyebrows. Their blackish brown texture give an appealing look. They make your eyebrow look thicker and darker. The pencil comes with a cap and a brush helping you to groom your eyebrows better. For those with shot eyebrows, these can be used to lengthen your eyebrows and fill in the gap. They give you a natural texture.

5.The Face Shop, Design my eyebrows

This eyebrow pencil is comparatively dry causing repeated applications. But for professional, the ones that know to use it right its boon. The pencil is dual-ended with brush on one side and the unique triangular shaped pencil on the other. Unlike the other pencils this one needn’t be sharpened, it works with the twist. Just a couple of strokes and brushing, and you have your perfect eyebrow for the day.

6.Essence Eyebrow designer

They are the easy-to-use eyebrow pencils. Essence eyebrow pencil comes with a brush on the cap. It’s pretty easy to handle and also gives you a natural appearance. Added, the tip doesn’t break easily. They are soft on the brows and they last all day. It is best in use when stroked light handedly. It is available in three colors. Essence eyebrow designer are not easily available on stores, but they could be bought online.


7.NYX Eyebrow pencil

Getting ready for a celebration? These are best suited for you. NYX eyebrow pencil is gray in color and has a shimmer. They do not require repeated application and show up pretty well without much effort. Though with a shimmer, they blend in well. It is waterproof and stays long if not messed with. Do not worry about the gray color, it compliments the eyebrows. Unlike the everyday look, they make you look different. So here is one product to your party makeup kit.

8.MAC Stud eyebrow pencil

MAC has always been the first choice by professionals. MAC Stud gives a professional touch to your eyebrows. They are grey based complimenting your natural black eyebrows. The color is neither too dark nor too light. Its tight twist up feature restrains it from breakage and your brows are easily filled up with minimal stays long and is best recommended for travel. It isn’t too waxy and also stays all day long. It is easily removable as well.

9.Clarins Eyebrow Pencil

It is a long-wearing brow pencil that adds texture to your eyebrows. They define and correct your brows in a seemingly natural way. The brow pencil is dual-ended with a spiral brush on one side and the pencil on the other. It has the twisting mechanism where the pencil defines your brow curves and the spiral brush tames the hair. It is best suited for those with sensitive skin. They are proven to be dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

10.Chanel crayon sculpting eyebrow pencil

The Channel crayon eyebrow pencil has a waxy giving a pomade texture. This makes it not smearing and gives a natural look. They are also available in different colors, making it better likable. It is quick filler when in a rush and is less powdery. It works well on both, people with thin and thick eyebrows.

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