Top 10 Best Potties in 2017 Reviews

Potty is the one of the most useful item for the toddlers. Potty is a bowl that is used for toddlers for defecation. It is evident that toddlers will feel difficult to use standard toilets. Parents who try to help their toddler for defecation in standard toiler would fail because it will not be possible to make them sit in the standard toilet that unfits for the toddlers. The best way to help your toddler for defecation is buying a potty for them. It will be quite easy for the toddlers to sit on the potty for defecation. It is easy to clean and use the potty anywhere so parents can take it anywhere as it is portable. It is hygienic to use potty for the toddlers and you can get any size that fits for your toddler as there are many different sizes available for girls and boys. Let us look reviews of best potties 2017.

1. Summer Infant Step-by-Step

This potty is one of the best potties and has three in one design and it is an accessory for girl toddles.  This model is acclaimed by many parents as they find it best in all the aspects. It will be easy for the babies to become accustomed to it as it is three in one design. The design is stable and attractive and the accessory is durable. This potty is also called as growing potty because you can use this for your child as she grows.This potty can be used by the babies between ages 18 months to 5 years. This is a hygienic model as it contains flushable wipes and well placed tissue paper dispenser.

2. Fisher-Price Custom

This is a wonderful potty designed for girl babies and it can be called as most comfortable model. Most of the parents commend this model as their babies love it and it has become easier for them to potty train their toddler. This Best Potties will be attractive to the babies as girl babies love pink color.  The plastic used in this potty is BPA free and hence parents need not worry about infection. It is easy to use hence parents can maintain it hygienically.

3. Summer Infant My Size

The summer infant potty is the one of the best model for the toddlers to get adapted the standard toilet. It is a baby potty with excellent design and components for different functions. It is a bowl type so it will be easy to use and will be much comfortable for the toddlers to get practiced. They don’t feel weird to use it. This potty can be used for both boys and girls as a clip is given to use it on the splash guard for boys whereas for girls they can use it directly. The best advantage of being one of the Best Potties is that lid is given to flip up and clean the potty easily therefore it is easy to maintain it hygienically. Easily operable flush and papers are given so that toddlers will get trained to use standard toilets in the future.

4. Primo

This potty is also called as 4-in-1 model because of the various features. It consists of soft seat which will be comfortable for the babies. When it comes to design of the potty, it is the primary factor that will frustrate the baby. The slippery structure of the potty, uncomfortable seats, hard plastic and other design characteristics will frustrate the babies usually but this potty is exceptional when it comes to design because the design is attractive and ideal. The four stages of this potty are stand-alone stage for the toddlers that does not sit properly, the seat reducer for adjusting the seats according to the baby size, then soft toiler for the babies that learnt well to sit and then step stool for grown toddlers.

5. Fisher price

It is an advanced model with 2-in-1 design. This potty comes with BPA free plastic that is durable and also with attractive and comfortable design. It can be used both in indoors and outdoors hence it is called as two in one design. This potty can be used by boys and girls and it contains removable bowl for easy and hygienic cleaning.


The potty with best design and attractive color could be Baby Jorn smart. This potty is made up of polypropylene for durable life. This potty is rich in design and one of the top most potty in the competition. Easy to use and clean and also it can be used both indoor and outdoor. The splash guard, bowl and other features of the potty are commendable. Compact design with personal space to avoid spills is commendable.

7. Fisher price learn to use

The one of the best potty could be fisher price learn to use model. As the name suggests this is the best model for toddler to learn using toilets hygienically and they will get practiced to use standard toilets if they use this model. The bowl is durable and the ring of the potty is portable. The ring of the potty is easy to use and featured with water and stain resistant. This potty can also be used on the standard toilets since removable features are given.

8. First years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse

As the name suggests this model is especially for first year toddlers. The potty has comfortable seat well-padded for comfort and softness. Though it is useful for the first yeas toddlers, it can also be used when your baby grows as standard accessories are provided. This can be also called a professional model as the design, features and the provided accessories are professional.

9. BABYBJORN Potty Chair

It can be used as potty for the toddler and as soon as he or she grows. The toddler can use it as a standard toiler topper. This is an adjustable model and hence as she grows, she can use a small stool to climb on to the potty.

10. Summer Infant Lil’ Loo

This potty is adjustable and it has two positions to satisfy the needs of the baby as she will grow. Since adjustable positions are given, it can be used by toddler and also the grown toddler.

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