10 Best Baby Pool Floats in 2017

Babies love to swim as most of the babies are fond of playing in water. Moreover it would be awesome to make them swimming as it is a healthy exercise for the children. Swimming is a best exercise to relax the muscles and to energize the person and same does happen to the babies also. As far as swimming is considered for babies it is important to have baby floats. Different models and types of baby floats are there and it is up to the parent to choose the best model for their babies.

Ginzick babies and kids floats

As far as the pool float is considered it is important to consider the safety of the baby for which you have to consider the float with leg holes. Ginzick is the best model with various notable features. It is excellent in terms of design and also the finish. It is an inflatable model with 27”x20” measures and gives required comfort for your baby or kid.  The kids and toddlers of 1-2 years old can use this float. The horn and the wheel of this float keeps the baby encouraged to kick the waters through the leg holes. The added support of this float is the raised back and you can find attractive colors of floats from Ginzick.

Swim School Grow-with-Me

Swim school grow with me is the one of the best and acclaimed float for its versatile features. The parents that seek to increase the swimming interest of their babies or kids can buy this float. As far a design is considered, it is heavy in make with vinyl material for ultra-strong stability. Most of the parents use this model in order to use this as usual float for their baby and to convert it in to kicking float. This float has 3 layers to ensure comfort and stability for baby. For added support, 2 durable hands are provided.

Intex Extra Large Ride

It is also called as whale boat because of the design and the look and it is a prefect float for your baby. In order to ensure safety, there are 2 air chambers provided and the leg holes are smooth enough to increase the efficiency for floating and swimming. After some time the baby will have to learn kicking to move on the water hence this model is designed in that way. Stability is increased by the support of whale’s fins. The sun shade is an added advantage for the baby as it protects the baby from Sun rays.

Swim Ways, Baby Spring Float

This float is also a whale model with various features for your baby. The baby or the toddler up to 24 months old can use this float. Swim ways is air chambered to ensure safety for the baby. The design is attractive and finish is sleek with whale shape and it will surely attract your baby. The safety valve is the special feature to be mentioned because it prevents air leakage and protects the baby by maintaining the center of gravity.

Intex Kiddie Float

Intex float is the one of the most chosen float because of the car design. The float will look like a car and it attracts most of the toddlers. Dual air chambers are provided to increase the security for the baby and the leg holes are sufficiently smooth to give comfort for the kid to push forward. If the leg holes are not smooth then the kid has to suffer irritation and they will not bear it and they don’t find swimming fun and easy. The provided sun shade is the best advantage for the kid during the summer time. The balls in the dash board of the float excite the babies or the kids to have fun all the way on the swimming pool.

Intex, My Baby Float

Most of the reviewers review this float as the one of the safest float for babies and kids. The 2 air chambers ensure stability and comfort for the baby and this model is the one of the best for the kids and toddler below 2 years.

Pool master, Baby Rider

The pool master is the one of the best float from the leading and quality brand. It looks like a boat in a gigantic size but in a car shape hence it attracts the babies and toddlers much. As far as the safety, comfort and stability is considered, it is the one of the best float that ensures all these important factors. It is extremely durable in design with various attractive features. The back of the float is raised especially to ensure the comfort for the baby and the provided handles are sturdy with perfect grip to hold.

Speedo, Fabric Baby Cruiser

Speedo is the safest float among other float and it receives acclaiming reviews. The float looks attractive and stands best in the list of quality floats for babies and toddlers. It comes in different colors especially in blue and pink that attracts the babies. The maximum weight held by this float would be 33lbs and the quality of the material is durable. The material is smooth enough for the baby and the lengthened leg holes provided perfect grip and support for the babies.

Swim Ways, Baby Spring Float

If you are looking for the best float for your baby or toddler below 24 months then swim ways will be the best of all. It is made up of hard plastic so you don’t have to worry about tear or any other issues. A valve is provided called non-leak valve to prevent the air leakage hence safety is ensured for your baby. It will be easy to deflate and inflate they float using the provided valve.

Swim Ways, Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

The no 1 float and consistently stays in the no 1 position in ranking. It is easy to fold, store and to transport because of easy inflate and deflate. This model is the best in terms of design, safety, comfort, stability and durability.


Take time to discover different models and find the best floats in terms of design, aesthetics, features and most importantly the safety of your baby. Get to know about the Best Baby Floats in 2017 to choose the suitable model for your baby.

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