Best Climbing Harnesses of 2017

re you an adventure freak? Do you like to do adventure without fear? Then you will need the harness for sure. If you are a climber and if you are going to better climbing then you will have to gear up with the safety measure. When it comes to climbing gear harness is the important thing that you will have to consider. Safety is the important thing that has to be considered when you are going for hill climbing. Most of us will think that rope that is used for climbing is the safety measure for the climber but the harness plays the key role in climbing the hill.

Size and shape of the harness depends on the place it is being used. It is possible to use the harness in various industries like sports climbing, trad climbing, and big wall and also it is used in gym. There are different varieties of harness that is found with these mattresses. With the help of online reviews you can easily find the mattresses that can suit you better. The best mattresses are found in the market and it is possible to get the better mattresses from the market using the online reviews. These reviews can help you better in selecting the products.

Comfortablity and safety are the two important things that have been used for getting better safety out of it. The climbers have to be used for getting better results out of it. It is good to use these harness for getting better benefits out of it. Various factors will affect the features and you can possibly get better benefits from it. If you are confused with selecting the best climbing then it is good to use the online market for getting the better harness. The best harness will be got from these online reviews.

Some factors like size and comfort, purpose of harness, availability of leg loops, geared loops, weight of the person, based on the gender, safety of the harness are the key features that has to be considered before buying the harness. There are any harnesses that are available in the market that can satisfy all the above mentioned features but some has to be identified and improved. Some of the best harnesses based on the reviews of the user are listed in this article and you can easily select the one that satisfies your demand.


  • It is used for sports, tard and ice climbing.
  • This is specially designed for women and can easily manage the weight of them.
  • Women are usually scared than men so the safety measures has also been made better and the extra features are added to it.
  • Adjustable leg loops are available which can help you for adjusting it according to your shape.
  • It can be used by all the age and these harnesses are present in various sizes.
  • Since it is used for icing there are 4 gear loops with these harnesses.


  • It is very light weight and compact.
  • Easy to carry because of its weight and the load will be distributed evenly.


  • It is not used for extended hanging and also somewhat it is expensive.

Mammut realization shorts

  • Usually it is used by the sports professionals and is used by the men.
  • The loops that are present for extending the leg has the adjustment which can be adjusted based on the person who is using it.
  • There are 2 gear loops available in these shorts as it is used for sport purpose.


  • Bag clip facility along with adjustments is present.
  • Comfortable as well as the design are unique and can be washable.


  • It is only used for indoor purpose like sports climbing and also it is expensive.

Black diamond chaos

  • Most of the black diamond is manufactured for male and it is used in sports as well as for trad climbing.
  • The loops are fixed and cannot be adjusted.
  • It is about 12.6 Oz weight and also powered with 4 gear and haul loop.


  • Adjustable and light weight and also it is abrasion resistant.


  • It cannot be adjustable and it is also expensive.

Black diamond aspect

  • It can be used for sport and trad. It is also used in ice climbing.
  • Black diamond is available for the women version also.
  • The leg loops can be easily adjusted based on the size of the leg.
  • The weight of the harness is heavy and it weight up to 14.5 oz.
  • There are 4 gear loops along with the 4 icing slots and rear haul loop is also available.


  • The main advantage is that it is extremely durable, comfortable and the pressure is distributed along the rope.


  • It has heavy weight and will be difficult sometimes.

Petzl corax

  • Mainly used for sports, icing and trad.
  • The leg loops are adjustable and it is 17.3 oz. weight.
  • 4 loops for gear and 2 for icing gear and also the rear loop is also present.


  • Versatile as well as inexpensive.


  • Because of its heavy weight it is not easy to carry.

Edelrid Orion

  • It has all the features similar to the above one but the weight is reduced to 14.6 oz.


  • Hanging can be done comfortably and the buckles are adjustable.
  • It is very less in weight and also durable.


  • It is very expensive.

Black diamond solution

  • It is used for sports and trad and the leg loops are fixed.


  • Comfortable and resists falls.


  • The leg loop is not adjustable.

Petzl Aquila

  • It can be used for all the three purpose and adjustable.


  • It is comfortable and durable with lightweight.


  • Expensive and the buckles can be slipped.

Mammut ophir slide

  • Traditional harness used for sports and trad.


  • Special features like abrasion resistant and easy to fit.


  • It is not comfortable for use.

Black diamond momentum

  • These are used for sports and trad.


  • Cost effective, easy to clip and comfortable.


  • Breathability is less with less gear loop.


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